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Anna Nicole, death, life, vultures, Father, DNA
Sometimes I do not want to get up in the morning. I do not want to face the life that I have in store for me. I just go through the motions and it does not even seem that I enjoy each day that God has granted me. I know all the quotes about seize the day but the deep dark depression holds me with such a grip. I try to pry the grip removing a finger at a time but when I do, another finger holds tighter. Soon I just give up and accept what happens. What does this have to do with Anna Nicole? I believe she was caught up in the web of depression!

Along with this goes my trust. People only want me for what they can get from me. No matter what that may be. You know I really know what Anna Nicole must have gone through those last days. Losing her son. Wanting to find him to show him the way. The vultures prey on her dead body. Then death deals her rest but the press does not leave her alone. All the people who should have loved her in life gather round to peck the pieces from her body that lays on a cold slab somewhere in Florida. It has been said she had suffered with the flu for four months off and on. One night she had to be bathed in ice to bring her fever down; refusing to check into a hospital because of the press.

One would think after Princess Di’s death this type of episode would be under control but no the vultures still prey, their massive talons ready to attack and sink into their victim! Here comes Mama, then David, a prince, a body guard, this and that one saying, “I’m the Daddy.” Does it really make them the father through DNA? Alternatively, should the father be Howard Stern who was by her side every moment possible? She named him the father. It does not take a genius to know that you can be a father without having the same DNA.

I have to hope down deep in my soul that eventually Anna Nicole will come back to haunt those who say the horrible things about her. I am sure she would have rather stayed in that little town in Texas, selling fried chicken in the little shack where she was employed, married having babies instead of the roaring cost of fame! What a shame it is when you think people like this have it all; when in fact they are more unhappy than the common Joe who has nothing but a makeshift tent to live in, with a warm blanket, and some canned goods.

Just my opinion.

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