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I like furries. Oh yes, I do. Sit down a while, and I'll explain why, too!
The first point in my theory is related to how we grew up as children. You watched shows like tom and jerry, bugs bunny, rescue rangers, all those cartoons they showed on saturday morning that had anthropomorphic/theriamorphic animals in them, right? You know, animals that talk, walk on two legs, wear clothing, blah blah blah. That whole speal. They're a root of the idea, but not the whole source. People had to think of these things to make these cartoons, yes? The notion isn't uncommon. People fall in love with their pets, don't they? Drawing a beloved pet as a person with animal charachteristics, or just some animal they've seen is one of the forefathers of furrie-fandom. Really, its been around for like... ever. Whether a fur will admit to it or not, what they are relates to the fandom somehow, those ideas.

Then we have the modern world as we know it.
The way I see it, people today are opressed, So I get to my point 2 of furrie attraction.
People get up each day, bathe, eat, go to work, come home exhausted, eat some dinner, maybe sit at the computer each day a bit, then pass out. Lather, rinse, repeat. Its soul-destroying, mankind whoring itself out for a paycheck each day, something they can't eat, only earns them a tiny bit for their efforts (in most cases), and, in my opinion, wastes time they could spend better in creative outlets. Sure, everyone needs to survive... but thats another argument. This is about furries. A furrie, my friend, is similar to an animal, yes?

Animals are wild. Animals don't care. Animals ride their instincts and throw caution to the wind.

A furrie is a being of fleeting feelings they wear on their collars, wild at least in heart, and unbound in the netscape or wherever they happen to appear. The idea of someone like an animal that has that kind of penultimate freedom is almost fantasy to people in this day and age, so therein lies the attraction of the idea, the psychological appeal.

Phase three, the s-word part. Sexual attraction in the fandom. Lets begin with this thought on this topic... people are sexual creatures. Its a fact of life. I mean, shit, if we weren't, we wouldn't exist anylonger, right? We gotta reproduce. Fact of life. Now, take a person, a furrie, who identifies him/herself most of the time as a furrie... them finding other furs attractive is absolutely inevitable... but people who think furs are sexy are actually usually not furs themselves! How do I explain this phenomenon? Hang on tight, this might break your mind. Say, for example, we have a catgirl. Cats, to begin with are adorable creatures. Take a hot schoolgirl in a miniskirt, cross her with a playful cat in mannerisms and appearance, and no hot-blooded man could say she wasn't attractive. You following me? Cat+girl=fanboys, an equation tried on by japenese manga/animes throughout the ages, time and again. Ah, but not everyone likes cats. Some people like horses alot. Others, wolves or foxes, or otters, maybe a squirrel, a bird? Dragons? Pheonixes? Doesn't take a genius or a stroke of lighting to put all these factors together...

Attraction to furries often has nothing to do with bestiality. In this line of thought, its not even really all that wierd, despite what any rap star or bigwig hollywood shmuck may say about it. We're not so different... it just takes an open mind. Besides... sex is sex, yes? And we all like sex.
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