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by broc
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Philosophy · #1219029
an exporlation of my mind, feelings of love, old and new, this fell outta my head.
You live your life!

You live your life,

You feel it's sunshine
You taste it's rain
You taste it's joy
You feel it's pain

You learn from the good
You learn from the bad
You remember the happy
You remember the sad

You can be full of life
You can be weary
You can be wide open
You can be leary

You can sleep all day
You can stay up all night
You know what's wrong
You know what's right

You can rise above
You can fall below
You may go full speed
You may go real slow

You give your heart
You hope to the one
You come to discover
You were their fun

You feel such pain
You hurt inside
You feel so used
You feel like you died

You swallow your pride
You give up hope
You try to settle
You try to cope

You go through the days
You go through the years
You hold back your feelings
You hold back your tears

You butter your bread
You salt your meat
You add your spices
You make your treat

You know what you have
You know what you wanted
You know you've been used
You know you"ve been flaunted

You make a world
You can enjoy
You keep yourself busy
You keep yourself employed

You love the ones
You have created
You find your refuge
You feel elated

You meet another
You know there's no chance
You play along
You wanna dance

You learn a new heart
You never knew
You never would'a guessed
You have met you

You feel it's too late
You cannot do this now
You can't start anew
You don't know how

You can rest assured
You found a heart
You can make or break
You can stall or start

You are not alone
You have me with you
You have won me over
You can tell me what to do

You came into my life
You brightened my sky
You made me feel whole
You put a spark in my eye

You came to my rescue
You saved me
You have such a big heart
You make me happy

You are the greatest
You are the best
You made me forget
All the rest

You know I love you
You know it's true
You can be sure
I'll wait for you

You just better know
I love you!

Wm. Kelley
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