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Hipocritic Oath!
You know of Hippocrates right? That's quite alright if you don't, i'll explain that in a bit. My issue is with doctors and medicine...basically tying into Hippocrates. Once again it always seems that I have some outspoken issue with things? You must keep in mind that I do not, the way I think about them and feel is one thing but in another way I am very neutral and just pointing this out for other open minds. Basically Hippocrates was a Greek physician. He rid the medical field of all illogical thought and superstitions. He then arranged his study into groups which many doctors use today. All in all are very simplistic! yet effective. Many scholars believe that the Hippocratic oath was written by the Pythaoreans as proposed by Ludwig Edelstein, or maybe just a rite of passage for all physicians. But when you hear the hippocratic oath, hippocrates for most will come to mind. The hippocratic oath today has been ultimately revised from the original greek translations and otherwise different. This is the oath in which doctors take in all seriousness to pursue the rest of their career. An oath that they foloow like a code of honor, at least for some. I don't really care about the history of the oath itself granted that it is very interesting. What I am concerned about is the doctors who don't take anything in the oath seriously and are literally careless in their lack of efforts. This is an on-going issue in our world today, and it doesn't even fall down the oath itself, in all reality you can take the oath with no heart in it at all and become a fantastic doctor. The oath can also be considered a "guideline" for doctors and nothing more. Either way you look at it, we have some pretty crooked doctors out there. And being smart and healthy and conscientious consumers we must look out for these things. Finding a doctor can be like looking for a pair of shoes, it has to be just right and snug, unless your a childs mind and find a nice looking pair of shoes that are one size to small but you have to have them because you don't think about it. And why do I also say we have to be consumers? what does being consumers have to do with doctors?? Well medicine of coarse, and insurance! Many doctors who own their own practices are literally loaded from insurance companies alone. And did you ever notice when new prescriptions come out doctors push them on people like dope dealers? That is why we must be smart and care for ourselves because sometimes our doctors don't and that is a damn shame. And in all reality, the oath consists of the issue of caring for those who are sick under any circumstances, well that is bullshit, and that is why it has been revised to look loop holed and not appear that way. Now I know not everything is perfect but our law system for petes sake has so many holes in it that its not even funny. These holes which are present make the law appear unfair and that is the truth. But given closer inspection it was created that way as a safety net. The law can always swing both ways in either favor and in favor of whoever the powers that be decide, fair or not. But anyway with this sworn oath to care for those under any circumstance...if a doctor is needed off duty for an emergency it would be wise to offer his assistence but otherwise when he is in his throne office, if you have no insurance your pretty much screwed unless you have hundreds of dollars to pay for it on hand. And alot of doctors today only study to keep themselves in the game, they never take it upon themselves to do research and to keep it safer and better off for the patients. A doctor should be your friend, and shouldn't make you feel rushed and quick to prescribe you the next best thing and off you go for a week of pain and horrible effects from medicine and even more horrible withdraw effects. This oath in my eyes is now considered the hipocritic oath, because doctors are always swinging on you. And yes we have to be thankful for the federally funded (which our taxes pay for so its human funded) free clinics. But what do we get at these free clinics? unsanitary conditions which are vile. And also these idiots who come out of school to early and they use patients at a clinic as test subjects so they can improve. It's truly a sad day for us when these things are going on! And another thing you must keep in mind. It is an absolute fact that george bush is the only president thus far that has dug us into such a debt...the greatest debt we must pay for. Billions of dollars towars the war effort and for nothing good. Can't spend a few million to make the people happy? I would rather pay extra taxes for that and have it somewhat easier for us than to pay for war machines and this "great" war we are fighting that nobody knows anything about. Yet thousands upon thousands of our people die and are injured due to this carelessness. There was never even an instance for planning, they just sent the troops out and whammo! we are fighting a losing battle. And suppose a great war breaks out with korea and their selfish nuclear weapons...then bush would pull a draft so fast and there goes half our population and history then repeats itself. We go back to the 50's where it was the baby boom period....a cold war....nuclear arms race once again to see who is the biggest baddest idiot....and an economy collapse! We are hitting absloute rock bottom and mighty fast...So please keep an open mind on the issues at hand...this hipocritic oath within the democracy of hipocracy!

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