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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #1219809
It is about a monster that woke after millions and millions of years.
It was a cold night when it woke up from underground. It was looking for food. But couldn't find any. It was like a lizard. I went for a walk in the winter in the mountains. I was in Reno at the time. I saw the creature from a distance. I saw it was walking down the side of the mountain. It found some food and went on down farther. It was killing everything in it's path. And then all his food was gone.

    All of a sudden it went down some more until it saw the road. Then for a long time it went back into a cave that was right at the base of the mountain. It would hide there until some unsuspecting animal would pop up. He would attack it.

    I went a little closer to see what it was. It looked like a Tyrannosuarus. It had  a big head and small arms. I saw a Big Bear that tried to take it on. And the bear lost his life. The monster didn't smell me yet. Because I was upwind from him. I was going back to my car. When all of a sudden he showed up to my car. I was startled little bit. But he didn't want to kill me he was interested in my car. It is a 4X4 pickup truck. When he left I went into the truck. And took off. I got as far as Mt. Rose and then he was behind me. I drove as fast as I could. I finally started to pull away from him.

    He was still trying to run after me. He was going down the road for a while. He came to the hairpin turn and went down to the end of the road. He couldn't find me and he was very tired from the running. He rested for about an hour and went back up. Then he went looking for more food and more people to scare. And then he went back to his cave and rested some more he woke back up and scared off a bear that was looking place to stay at it was getting warm out to stay in.
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