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by Fushia
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Poem like story of how I feel about Nature.
Over distant mountains of forgotten lore I saw a great sight. I saw the day rising beyond the distant hills of ancient memories and quiet forests of a thousand songs. The graceful bluebirds and dogwood seeds float along in the tranquil breeze, peaceful as celestial bliss. The cranes and swans lifted their heads far into the sky, sipping the rain from the clouds above them. The bison shook the dew off their coats, a heavily snorting like dragons spewing fire in the frosted air. Wolves came to order under their brutal king, attempting to please him in order to gain status. I placed myself into this, and a strange and undesirable quality settled on me, the entities holding it glaring into my soul to see if I was of pure heart, soul, and mind. A great roar from the creatures brought upon a blast of light to my being, and made me part of what I witnessed. I was now and forever more, a child of Nature.

I felt Nature take her loving embrace on me, my feet connecting to the earth like the roots of the ancient elms that surrounded me. I felt my spirit sore into the free sky, flying along side the robins. My tongue when I spoke became not of man's voice, but like the whispering of the wind among the trees, soft and melodic like a harmonious choir of songbirds. The beat of my heart became as though it was from deep inside the earth, pounding rhythm of earth working its toiling shifts. My arms like the scent of lavender in spring, flowing through the air on Nature's breaths. I was becoming one with Nature, its nectar coursed through my veins like blood; I was becoming infused with it, being it. I sat down, feeling brother earth comforting my body and hold me safely. I was now and forever more, a child of Nature.

My mind began to implore of what now was pure and imitation. I could see now the World as a newer, purer place. It was free from the falsities of human existence, that now thought they controlled the world. In truth however Nature told me that it was not just one to control the world, but it was everything that did so. The fragile hummingbird had as much power as the colossal red oaks. If it also be true though, that man was said to have a lesser power because he was no longer part of Nature but of something less, like a leech trying to take hold of larger entity because it couldn't supply itself. Man and women have taken too much and have given little back as a whole. We were at once part of this grand system, equal to all that existed in life, a man equal to anything else, no more and no less. Our arrogance however has proven of ill fate, and Nature herself took away the gift. I was now and forever more, a child of Nature.

I am now part of a larger, greater power; one that holds sway over not just beings of life, but the entire entity in which those beings live with, my dearest Mother Nature. Some ridicule my belief and say that it is not Nature that made this World but God, a man of great powers and unending strength. I question back though, have you ever seen a man give birth to anything than the feeble sperm that ejects itself from his body? They're merely a half of a child of any organism that exists. Say I not that there is but one authority that is in rule of this space in which we call home, but two. A mother who nurtures life daily and holds it sweet and lovingly, we call Nature. Then the father in which we call God, coming down every great while to help us grow and hold our hands. The life then around us is then the offspring of the transcendental companions of the heavens. I was now and forever more, a child of Nature.

I looked around at the children, who seemed in harmony to each other. A wolf, large with a great mane, talked to a butterfly to pass on news of my forthcoming and me. Trees talked about each other with glorious scents and sounds, carefully preparing each concoction of language before uttering. They thought nothing of hate or prejudice, unlike where I had come from. Here it did not matter if you were different, and all upheld an authority of great esteem to their beloved mother, caring for her and seeing her needs. It was true of now that back home I could sense these animals were perhaps part of the original line of animals, not like the ones we have now. The animals held with grace and simplicity, for we must have tainted the animals of now since they were nothing like this. I was now and forever more, a child of Nature.

As days passed by, Nature taught me more of herself, showing a radically more simple way of life. She taught me that I in truth had need for only very little and Nature could supply me with all of this. An entity truly only needed food, water, and Nature. I asked of her clothes one day, and she asked back to me through a stream, "Why? Why have need for clothes? Clothes hinder you and make you stay in once place. Did you not wish to implore dearest child what riches this land has further to offer you? Did you wish to see of different sights to see? Smells to take in? New feelings to course through your body? They waste things to make clothes; a life is wasted for what, a thing of little such as warmth. I do not yell at you sweet child.... but must you understand." And with that she went away, down the stream to talk with the bison. I was now and forever more, a child of Nature.

I talked more with the children of Nature; I can't say for what time period though because time itself seems to be of an amount, though I still lived. We had talked about a great many things, things far too complex for the minds of my age to acknowledge or merely hear. Their tongues were much smoother than any humans, an ancient melody with each thought. Their intelligence was beyond any of who lived or has yet to live. We talked about time, space, man, and anything they could think of. The bison were the most interesting though, for when they conversed it was like hearing a fire roaring words of immeasurable wisdom. They thought it weird that I came to this land, but they always provided me knowledge far wiser than any human sage. They were one of the few entities of the land to quarry me, prosing thoughts it would take days to conjure up and lyrical song to produce from my new mouth. I was asked why do we appoint leaders, why no one knows of this land, what hide so odd that it hung loose upon my body, and such things so ponderous one forgets when thinking for them. I decided one day that I was becoming now closer with this space and the entities that fill it. I was now and forever more, a child of Nature.

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