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The thrill of riding a steam train, written after riding the scenic Conway Railroad in NH.
Train Ride

Upon this warm, sultry day,
I can hear the steam engine.
While waiting in the depot,
I hear the whistle blowin'.

Billowing black smoke
Escapes from the chimney.
The locomotive -
It draws nearer to me.

The train slows to a stop;
I see the engineer.
He hollers, "All aboard!"
To all those waiting here.

Several Pullman cars
Are standing in wait -
Passengers line up
To board through the gate.

I climb aboard
And find myself a seat -
Have to hurry;
There's a schedule to keep.

Traveling countrysides
On old railroad tracks.
Listening to the train
Go clickety - clack.

We pass through mountains
And open prairies,
Deserts and forests
During our journeys.

Some ride the rails
For the blue sky above;
Some for the hopes
Of finding a lost love.

But I ride the trains
For the cars of coal,
Freedom of the rails
And the days of old.

We approach a small town -
It's my turn to depart,
But with the steam engine,
Is where I leave my heart.

I stand in the depot
Watching the train go by -
Waiting for the caboose;
So, I can wave goodbye.

Written by: Robyn Lynne Stacey
On 5/28/98 & 6/3/98
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