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On-going saga of a young woman's interpretation of friend's nuptials
Maybe I am a lesbian?! Not that I am against lesbianism--in fact, I have friends who are, but I do wish people not to think I swing that way. Faith had e-vited eleven of her closes friends, work colleagues, and other miscellaneous girlfriends to celebrate the day of recognizing the ones she loves. Sweet thought that she would esteem us so much, but I call it S.A.D, single awareness day. Now, here we all, at Franco's, on a cramped u-shape red-velvet couch amongst a sea of cuddly couples.

It's was no surprise that we were cramped in the waiting area. Franco's is the best Italian restaurant in town. The chicken marsala was "to die for". It appeared that our dinner party was waiting, eight other dinner parties were waiting, ranging from two-four people per party, and about fifteen "Take-out Orders Only" patrons were in a line that extended outside the restaurant door.

I spotted Faith in the dining area of the restaurant. She was patrolling and scouting out a place. I squeezed in next to Hope on the couch. She was sitting on the couch with a Hispanic woman, probably in her mid-twenties. She had long black hair, thin lips, prominent cheek bones, olive colored skin, and almond-shaped black eyes.

"Hey, isn't this crazy!" Hope whispered to me.

"Well, anywhere we go it's going to be packed." I turned my attention to the Hispanic woman sitting on the other side of Hope. "Hello, my name is Charity. You're a friend of Faith's?"

She slowly extended her cold-fish hand as she busily looked into the dining area. She was doing what Faith was physically doing except with her eyes. "Yes, her mother knows my mother. So, you can say I am a family friend of hers. I'm Lisa"

Faith looks haggard and tired as she approaches us. "Who would have thought I would have to work-out for meal? I talked to the hostess and they accidentally gave our table away, but never fear ladies--they will be giving us a 20% discount for that minor error. I advised them that I would be making a scene in the middle of the restaurant about how I was here an two hours ago waiting on my reservation and it was given away. Totally, unprofessional. Hey, Charity, just get here--now, we are complete." I didn't know whether to take that as sarcasm or joy--well, since it is V-day, I'll take it as joy.

I looked at the other women sitting on the couch. Faith had them all introduce themselves. Hardly any them stood out. ..Roxy, Jennie, Mel,yada, yada, yada. Then, Hope introduced herself, Lisa introduced herself, and next, there was a
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