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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Fantasy · #1221409
Jetta was walking in a dark alley, thinking of how her sister had snapped at her.

“Who does she think she is? She is not mom and she has no right to order me

around and fuck her” Jetta said out loud.  Jetta thought briefly of her mom, one of

the most known vampire slayers, she had been killed when Jetta and Nikki had

been eight years old, only nine years ago. Jetta shook her head and looked around,

she was totally alone; or so she thought. On the roof top above her, a figure

watched her from the shadows, he smiled to himself. This girl, she was so pretty,

so easy to use. Sebastian jumped down and slowly walked out of the shadow and

let himself be seen by her, by Jetta Charlotte, one of the most known slayers, apart

form her sister Nikki Charlotte.

“Hello luv” Sebastian spoke softly with a thick

British accent in his voice, smiling at her. Jetta looked at the man and got wide

eyed, it was Sebastian.

“So you seem to know who I am Jetta and yes I know who you are” Sebastian said.

Jetta placed her hand on the handle of her katana.

“Now, now be a good girl and just wait before you attack me, I wouldn’t want to

harm, such a pretty thing as yourself” Sebastian said.

“What do you want?” Jetta asked, she felt a calm sensation over her body, he was

so handsome, she wanted to be kissed by him.

“My dear, I simply want to get to know you” Sebastian said

“Well, I have to kill you” Jetta said

“Why is that?” Sebastian asked

“Because you are killing all the hunters and you’re a vampire” Jetta answered.

“You my dear have been brainwashed and the hunters were trying to kill me, it was

simple self-defense” Sebastian said

“they were my friends” Jetta said

“well then I am truly sorry, I never intended in harming you” Sebastian said

“why not?” Jetta asked

“how about we talk about that later, because I feel another hunter coming”

Sebastian said and he moved swiftly to Jetta, he kissed her lips tenderly and

slipped a necklace around her neck.

“I will be able to find you now” he whispered in her ear, he kissed her once more

and left. Jetta stayed against the cold stone brick wall. She heard footsteps, she

grabbed the necklace and hide it in her shirt, without even looking at it. She then

saw Jessica and Daniel.

“Jetta?” Jessica asked

“yeah?” Jetta asked

“we heard you talking with someone” Daniel said

“I wasn’t and why are you following me, I thought you guys had your own patrols”

Jetta said

“Well, your dad told us to follow you, he thinks that Sebastian will be after you”

Jessica said.

“WHAT!?!?!” Jetta yelled. She raced from the two, heading back to the head

quarters. She raced through the halls of the office building and finally reached her

dads office, she threw the door open, he was doing paperwork.

“YOU HAD ME FOLLOWED!” Jetta yelled

“Please shut the door, before you proceed to yell at me” David said

“No! You had me followed, why?” Jetta said

“because I think he is after you and how you acted towards his picture and you’re

my daughter” David said

“do you have Nikki being followed?” Jetta asked

“no” David said “then why me?” Jetta asked

“because, you are a better hunter then her, she did not look at his picture and get

mesmerized and I don’t have any reason to think he is after her, he is after you, for

reasons I don’t know” David said

“Oh my god, your such an asshole, I can take care of myself, I have been for the

last eight years” Jetta yelled and she ran from the office, out into the night, and

then to her home. Jetta laid in her bed and thought about all the things. She walked

over and turned her radio and then she walked over to her mirror and looked at the

necklace finally. She seen that it was a pearl, well sort of, the pearl looked to be a

red color. She looked closer and seen that the red color was a tint on this inside of

the pearl and that it swirled inside the pearl.

“It’s my blood” Jetta heard a British accent say, Jetta spun around and saw

Sebastian sitting on her bed. He wore jean and a black wife beater, that showed his

arms off nicely.

“Your blood?” Jetta asked, she looked over to her katanas, way out of reach.

“Yes it allows me to be connected to you sort of, without me having to change you

into a vampire” Sebastian explained

“If you wanted to speak with me, all you would have to do is touch the pearl and

think your wishes and I would hear them” Sebastian explained

“oh” Jetta said

“what?” Sebastian asked

“why are you following me?” Jetta asked

“You interest me” Sebastian said simply.

“How come?” Jetta asked

“because even if your having this conversation, your mind is running through the

million of ways to get to your katanas, so you can attack me” Sebastian said

smiling, Jetta looked up at him for the first time really, she was surprised.

“Here let me help you, cause even with those useless swords, I would still beat

you” Sebastian said and he tossed Jetta her swords. Jetta only took one and

placed the other down, she unsheathed the sword and stood ready. Sebastian

smirked, he lunged forward, Jetta swung and missed, the two quickly got into a

intense fight, with several close calls, finally though, Sebastian had enough, he

used his vampire powers and disappeared, Jetta looked around, he was gone, She

cursed, she stood there panting, waiting, for something. Just then though, a arm

was tightened around her neck and her sword was pried from her hands and thrown

across the floor.

“Got you” Sebastian said, panting into Jetta’s ear. The grip of the arm around,

Jetta’s neck was not to tight, so she could still breath, just not move.

“You cheated though” Jetta said, she felt Sebastian chuckle. She then realized how

close the two were. She could feel his body move as he stood closely behind her.

“Well anyways, it was nice to play” Sebastian whispered huskily into Jetta’s ear,

Jetta shivered.

“What do you mean?” Jetta asked

“I mean, it’s almost dawn, so I have to go luv” Sebastian said, kissing Jetta’s neck,

he smiled at her, let go and disappeared. Jetta looked around, he was gone, she

walked over and picked her sword up, and sat on her bed, waiting for something,

finally she was sure that he was gone. She put her sword up and placed it by the

other, she walked back over and sat on her bed, she looked at the clock, 6:25, she

had school in an hour. Jetta groaned, she wouldn’t go.
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