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What others say about us!
Kind Words Banner by Damiana!

*Star*Thank you for such a wonderful site. In a vast website such as this, WDC gives us newbies a safe haven to run to and receive guidance through the maze. Sincerely, annie

*Star*I just want to take this opportunity to let you angels know, as well as WDC in general, how much I've enjoyed being a member of the WDC Angel Army. It's the best thing I've ever done since I joined WDC. You have been very supportive and helpful in various ways and I cannot thank you enough. You have a lot of published authors who are more than willing to render assistance to newbies like me. I feel that with your support and confidence in my novel, the dream of getting published might not remain a fantasy after all. Anything is possible now. Again, thank you. Forever grateful: orientpearl

*Star*awesome! I commend you for starting such a wonderful group - kafkaesque

*Star*I have been looking around this site for some time now. Feeling that the atmosphere and the lively interaction between the members make WDC a very inspiring and addictive writing-site. And what better way to be part of this community than by becoming an Angel? So from now on I would love to be a proud member of The Angel Army, for reviewing and to just make WDC even more enjoyable, for myself and I hope for others too. - mars

*Star*Your group is great and I applaud the time and effort all of give to help the rest of us. Thanks again - BrainCrumbs

*Star*I wanted to find out if I may join the angels. Princess Megan Rose helped me out a lot when I first started. In fact, she gave me an upgrade. Since I've come to this site, I have seen people do things for others and for myself that I have never found in any other writing site (and I've tried several). Now, although technically speaking I'm still quite new to the site, I want to help others in the way that I have been helped. So much of what you do means more than what it seems. I know that several of my friends have now joined the site. I always tell them about what I have found here and how I have been received among the community. I tell them because of the kindness I have been shown and the amount of help I have gotten in improving my own work. I only know that what I want to do is give back to the community in the same way that the community has given to me. The best way I know of to do that is to become an angel, for you guys seem to do enormous amounts of work behind the scenes on the site. I just want to be a part of something like that. Thanks, - Breakingfree07

*Star*You have a great little group here. Thoughts of letting people know someone is around if they are needed, helping authors with their hard work by reviewing is a great idea. I got hooked on this site by an upgrade and I give a big CONGRATULATIONS to everyone helping others do the same. This site has become my other home as I hope it does for others. Keep up the good work. - Lisa Dawn - sunny days

*Star*What a wonderful group! I'm marking it a favorite and hope to read each post to learn more! - COUNTRYMOM-JUST REMEMBER ME

*Star*This is a marvelous way to help newbies to WDC AND earn rewards for doing it! Members of this group do R&Rs, introduce new members to our site, promote their group and in general do their best to lend helping hands to those who need them most. Knowing Kiya as well as I do, I have no doubt but that this group will be successful in all its endeavours. Great job! I strongly encourage active members of WDC who've been around for a while to join, and newbies to check it out as well. We're here to lend a helping hand, after all! - Lynn McKenzie

*Star*This is quite impressive and seemingly well-organized. I see a lot of familiar names on the membership list that I constantly see all over WDC. I would be grateful if I can be a part of such an active group. - jemini59

*Star*Kiya, You have came up with a great way to have others improve on their reviewing plus give feedback to newbies, oldies, and everyone else too! This is also great way to meet others who want to be angels to help others out! Since i am recording my reviews in here, I have noticed that I try to do atleast 6 a day. If i can get more, I am doing great. But I love reviewing to help others out!! As I love to get my feedback, so that I can improve on everything I need to do!! Keep On Coming up with ideas to help!! WDC must have thought you were helpful here too with your pretty blue case!!! I am glad to he part of the Angel Army!!!! - Roni moving in 2019!

*Star*I received a very nice review yesterday from one of your angels. I think what this group is doing will have many positive effects in this community. It certainly brought a smile to my face. *Smile*
I wish your group much success! - gardengirl

*Star*I want to thank you and those who support this forum. Thanks to your efforts, Writing.Com has been a welcoming home for this wandering soul. Even before I got my upgrade via Anonymous, I was received with open arms. I was only two weeks old then, still learning my way around the site. I didn't know who to thank for all the generous help back then. But I realize now this community has a foundation, built of forums like this one. I want you to know that your efforts are indeed appreciated and do make a difference. Thanks to all who have helped create such a great supporting cast here at WDC! Thanks to your generosity, I have been inspired to pay it forward, gifting an upgrade myself, reviewing over 11-hundred times in the last five months, took part in auctions, charities, contests and forums that recognize the efforts of others. But I'm afraid I fall far short of matching the efforts of forums like this! Thank YOU!!! - bkcompton

*Star*Dearest Angels:
I just wanted to thank you each and everyone of you for all the reviews, insightful comments, awesome ratings, and for taking to time to stop by my port. I cannot thank you enough for the effort and time all of you spent in raiding my port. I made a number of new friends in the process, and I find that the biggest gift of all. I hope this donation (although small) will help in all your future endeavors. Never stop flying!
Again, thank you from the bottom and top of my heart! *Heart* - dusktildawn

*Star*This is such a wonderful group. Your "wings" are seen in action all over Writing.com and it's a beautiful thing!
Keep up your wonderful works! - catty

*Star*Keep doing what your doing. You are all angels, keep up the great work. Thanks. - Jeanette Hanlon

*Star*Hello, I've noticed the great impact this group has in this wonderful community, in fact, I've been reviewed by several WDC Angel members in the past. I am a active reviewer and I think that I would enjoy being in this group. Thanks! - Neko ♥ Away

*Star*What a wonderful thing you are doing! We all thank you.*Smile* - mousybrown

*Star*WDC Army Angels, I have been actively participating in this site since last month. Everyday, I am reading a review or posting my own work and it is wonderful. My writing is getting better and my confidence is growing. Shortly after I joined, there was an upgrade to my profile. Since then, I have written a poem of thanks to that person or persons. Now, I believe it was this group that silently made this happen. This is the type of group I would be honored to join. That is the type of work I need to support and do. - Aries King

*Star*I had been searching for (literally) years to find a site like WDC. The people are warm, friendly, and helpful. I came here looking for help on my book - and stayed because I found friends. The WDC Army Angels spread a real sense of community and closeness with each flap of their wings, dropping upgrades, reviews, and positive feedback everywhere they go. My deep appreciation and regards go to you all for everything you do. Thank you. - Raider Capt. J.R.

*Star*I love what you do for the members of this site and would be proud to be concidered as a member. I was given great avice and lots of help when I was a newbie just a short while ago. If it had not been for the help of the Angels, I would still probably be lost. Thank you all so much for your kindnesses and generosities. - swanreader

*Star*Hooray for the Angel Army! *Bigsmile* I consider this among the very best organizations in the WDC community. I absolutely love it!!! *Bigsmile* - threadbare

*Star*This is a wonderful group. When I was new to the site, I was thrilled when members read my writing and encouraged me to write on. It was very personal and I appreciated the attention. But if I can help in anyway, I'd like to do what others did for me. - puravida

*Star*This is such a neat forum for an outstanding group that prides itself with so many accomplishments toward bettering the community of WDC. - ShiShad

*Star*Hi! I am a new member of the wdc angel army and i think this is so great how we reach out to help newbies on this site. I was blessed to be one of those newbies so, I am very glad to give something back to the group. So once again, thank you all for your support and accepting me in your circle. - cece26

*Star*A beautiful thing you are doing! Wonderful. - Butterfly_is_Blue

*Star*You have an amazing cause backed by a wonderful legion of supporters. Things like ROAK and Angel Army truly help WDC to be the supportive, caring community that it is. I would feel honored to be a part of such a group and to be able to give back to the community I feel has given me so much. - Adriana Noir

*Star*I just wanted to say thank you for being such a wonderfully supportive community group. Navigating this site with angel's wings encouraging my every move has made by writing experience here a pleasure. Thank you.

*Star*I just wanted to say Thank You so much for your support. You have been an inspiration to me. You have given me the self confidence I need to continue writing after 11 years of self doubt! And you have brought a smile to my face when I needed it most! Thank you WDC! - ltipper

*Star*This wonderful army full of WDC angels, are the most generous, kind folks you will EVER run across on this wonderful writing site. Personally, me being a newbie, getting closer to being an oldie, I think, this group let me join, not knowing me fom ADAM, pardon the pun. After I joined they helped me so much, and they still do. My appreciation for each and every member, runs deeper than the coal mine that my son-in-law works in every day and night. I commend the outreach that they provide. And, they have awesome free sigs too boot! THANX ANGEL ARMY, for daily watching over me. I bow. - POETDONTKNOWIT

*Star*Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I have truly been blessed. You all are such wondeful angels sent from God that enjoys helping others in need. I am deeply thankful for what you have done. I love this site and now even much more 'cause I know that there's a bunch of love-warming thoughtful and blessed people in here that have helped me with such a wonderful gift- an upgrade. God Bless each and every one of you. - Laydi B* email me

*Star*Thank you! Salamat! Arigatou Gozaimasu! That's saying thanks using three of the languages I know (and use). The WDC Angel Army is not just a group but a *Heart*FAMILY!*Heart* I'm sure everyone feels the same. Everyone is very helpful, friendly and warm. Whenever I have questions the members are always so kind and willing to answer them all! And I often hear about the good deeds *Heart*'the angels'*Heart* do which makes me feel more and more proud of this wonderful family and the members in it! Keep writing, inspiring and helping! - mARi♥SigShopOpen

*Star*I've only recently become a member of the Angel Army, but I've seen the good deeds all over WDC. I think the Upgrade idea is so great! I think it's so great there's help for those who may not have the funds to save the items in their ports, etc. and need an upgrade. This is truly one of the best groups on WDC, dedicated to helping others Write on! Thanks for letting me be a member! - Beck- the plot thickens

*Star*Just wanted to say Thank You to the WdC Angel Army. I am really honored that I was chosen "Angel of the Month" by you for January 2010. My birthday was January 22, and my WdC birthday comes up in February. You have given me my first Merit Badge this time around. This group proves that there are angels everywhere, and most of the time you don't have to look hard to see them! Bless You ALL!!! - kristiana

*Star*I wanted to thank the Angel Army for helping me this month with my expired Membership. I am going through a financial crisis and stood to lose my Port of over 800 items, mostly my Poetry. I had to put my show horse Vanilla down, she had Cancer, and it cost over $700. This has set me back financially (besides the grief) to grand porportions but the Angels on WDC have blessed me and I'm totally humbled by your generosity.
Thank you and this is why I've been a Member of WDC going on almost four years because of the wonderfulness of the people that are the Members.
Much love, respect and humble thankfulness.- ♥SoNNetWolF♫

*Star*This is one amazing place to be. In fact, I regret it that I've only been here for a week perhaps. It's really fun, and it helps us interact beautifuly with others. I'm working hard, hoping I can make a difference and help as many new comers as I can.*Heart* - ambrosiaa

*Star*The Angel Army was there for me when I really needed help with an emergency Upgrade, and I will never forget the kindness shown me by this wonderful Group. You are all making such a tremendous difference in the Writing.Com community, as well as in the lives of so many writers who just need a chance to show what they are capable of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and please accept this gift of points - it is the least I can do to show my gratitude, appreciation, and support. From a Paper Doll, my deepest thanks! - TheHuntress is Finding Herself

*Star*To you, WDC army I extend my gratitude for providing such an excellent source of help for all within the Writing.com community. You are truly to be commended for your time and efforts! - sugarsupernova

*Star*Hey, I wanted to say thanks to all you angels and especially kiyasama and pink-moon . THANKS TO THE ANGELS!! - scorpialex

*Star*This is my 200th review here on the site, and I wanted it to be one that would be special to me. First, I would like to say I became a member of the WDC Angel Army over a year ago because so many people in the group reached out to me in a time of great pain and hurt in my life. My father had just passed away and my husband worked most of the time. I was able to escape the pain in my heart and enjoy heartfelt love and emotion when I got involved in conversations about writing, editing, or just anything that came up.

I was even more blessed by my first upgrade through the Angel Army. Kind people working together to make other people smile.

I have learned my time spent here on the site is so much more than giving reviews, getting reviews, or even how many items are posted. It is about friendships that are built. Friendships that truly touch the depths of the heart and soul.

I know 200 reviews is not really a lot of reviews in a over a year, but there have been long periods of time I have not been able to be on the site. Whether it was my own personal medical issues, family issues, or just everyday life. Regardless of how long I am away, which I haven't had to do lately and hope not to anytime soon, my ANGEL ARMY family welcomes me back with open and loving arms.
I am proud to make my reviews in affiliation with such a wonderful group. The WDC Angel Army truly is a group of angels hoping to gain their second wing by reaching out to help those around us.

I thank you and the multitude of other members of this group who make it so wonderful to not only be on WDC but to be part of something so very special!

I love WDC, I love the friendships made and being made, and I love knowing no matter how difficult my day has been I will log on to encouraging and supportive people who truly care without passing judgment.

Thank you for the beautiful pages you have taken the time to create for our group. Thank you for the encouragement you pour out all over the site every single day. Thank you for being a friend. Thank you for being YOU! - Angel_Eyes

*Star*Hi there

I just want you to know, I really do enjoy being in this group and I like meeting new people as well. This group
is so cool and nice that I keep coming back to this website. I like this group and I also want to say thank you to
kiyasama for the beautiful port that she has created for all to enjoy.

Thank you so much. - Beacon-Shining-On⚓️

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