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Education is a life long pursit,hence studentship is endless life.
Any one never stop learing and growing,even when we leafe our school days far behind. Culture can help transform average but hard working students in to high achievers.  Full potentials can be met and hidden abilities discovered.  Below are some culture solutions designed to help students academically:- [a] Study room should be located in the east,north east or north or the house.  These directions are most auspicious for student to concentrate better in their studies. [b] The placement of the study table is important.  You should place the study table facing east kor north kto ensure that while studying  the child is facing either of these directions.  It isn't advisable to keep the study table against a wall.  There should be open space in front of the child,which encurages fresh ideas and apprach and breaks the monotony of lengthy study sessions. [c] Student should sleep with his/her head towards the east [d] Photo or statue kof goddess of  is much helpful to student.[e] Study below the beam or the toilet  of upper house should be avoided.
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