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by Magoo
Rated: E · Poetry · Comedy · #1222076
A humorous look at a common marital happening.
Winter is here, the battle will start,
It'll take two and I'll play my part.
The coldest days and the darkest nights,
The loudest groans and the meanest fights.

A fierce struggle that no one should see.
It'll start with her and end with me.
When tugging begins, she'll hold on tight,
Then grit her teeth and defend her right.

Knees in my back, an elbow, and more,
I'm dazed and bruised and land on the floor.
My head spins as I lie on the rug,
My side is gone, no room for a bug.

I pry and claw, then I beg and plea.
She sleeps like a baby full of glee.
I push and pull and dig like a mole.
Her grab and grip are worse than a bull.

The sun rises; I slept on a chair.
The bump on my head gleams through my hair.
"Good morning," she says, "how was your sleep?
"Did you rest well? I heard not a peep."

I am nodding and napping all day,
While I pray for sleep and hope for May.
Dawn to dusk, the sweetest of lovers,
By 3 AM, she'll have the covers.

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