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by Ashley
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It is my first story but it is still in the works.
         March 15th

*Falling*In*Love: Jasmine Noel Pickhart! Why haven’t you been answering your phone?
$Royal$Ass$Kisser: Umm! Let’s see probably cause the rents wouldn’t let me answer my phone during “Family time”
*Falling*In*Love: oh.. Suxs for you Jazz. You mean you still have that stupid family tradition!
$Royal$Ass$Kisser: Yes! Unfortunately. My rents have way too much time on their hands. They got the idea from Dr.Phil .. Gosh, he shouldn’t be on t.v. at all
*Falling*In*Love: Dr. Phil  Grr.… Why are ppl lyke that even on t.v.? Yeah my parents really don’t care what we do as long as we show up for dinner every night
$Royal$Ass$Kisser: Audrey you are so lucky. Gosh I wish my units would get off the Dr. Phil kick.. LMFAO
*Falling*In*Love: hey gurly!! Srry to ditch you and all but I have a date with Andrew .  : )
$Royal$Ass$Kisser: OMG!!! Andrew .. Wow girl. How did you score him?? LOL!!! JK. Well what are you going to wear.
*Falling*In*Love: Pink shirt, jeans, and some flip-flops nothing much.
$Royal$Ass$Kisser: Your going to look cute.. But I got to go to .. Byeas
*Falling*In*Love: by Jazz.. Laters.. lylas
$Royal$Ass$Kisser has signed off.

March 15th

Belle: Hey Jasmine! How r u?? By the way where the hell is Audrey?
*Falling*In*Love: Hey Rory. I’m good and u? Audrey's on a date with Andrew. Didn’t she tell you? Well if she didn’t it’s because he called like 3 hours ago. And she was really busy getting ready.
Belle: Oh.. I’m good… wow no she mentioned going out but not with Andrew. So how’s your Friday night going? You and Kelly should come over .. We’ll have a movie night.
*Falling*In*Love: Well okay. H/o.
Belle: k..
~Blonde~Lover: Hey. What do you want.. I’m watching Gilmore Girls.
*Falling*In*Love: hey Kelly we wanted to know if you want to go to Rory’s and have a movie marathon.
Belle: Yeah it will be fun.. Lol. Come on we can guess how Audrey's  dates going too.. Lol.
~Blonde~Lover: Well ok.. I’ll be over in a few.. Gotta fix my hair and makeup.
Belle: k
*Falling*In*Love: k
Belle and ~Blonde~Lover have signed off.

March 16th

$Royal$Ass$Kisser: Jasmine spill.. I’ve been waiting all day!
*Falling*In*Love: Okay… so we went to watch a movie. But we didn’t exactly watch it.
$Royal$Ass$Kisser: OMG!! So you went to a movie.. Planning to watch it.. But you didn’t really watch it.. OMG OMG.. Details
*Falling*In*Love: Okay.. So we were sitting there in the movies and he did the whole classic arm maneuver (pretends to yawn, but puts arm around you).. Then he asked me if I was okay.. Then we started making out.. And we stared in each others eyes for a while.
$Royal$Ass$Kisser: OMG!! Tell me more! Was there tongue or what??
*Falling*In*Love: Yes! There was tongue .. Mrs. Nosy  .. LOL and yes we both enjoyed it.. Were going out again Wednesday night.. Whoop, Whoop.
$Royal$Ass$Kisser: OMG!!! I think I’m gonna faint. Well I have to go moms calling for me to get ready we have to go to a stupid luncheon at my dads work.. Beyas.
*Falling*In*Love: Beyas! IM me laters.. When you get. Home.. Or call meh
$Royal$Ass$Kisser has signed off.

March 17th

~Blonde~Lover: Hey Jasmine! Guess what I was watching Gilmore Girls and I was thinking  you know the guy who plays Logan. Well I was thinking Rob looks just like him.
$Royal$Ass$Kisser: Hey. Well yeah of course Rob looks like him, because your obsessed with Gilmore Girls. And any hot guy you see looks like Logan or Jess.
~Blonde~Lover: Well Yeah.. Sorry.. Lol.. My bad. Well I seriously was thinking it and I had to tell somebody. Lol…. Oh.. By the way guess who called me.. ROB!!!.. Lol… I love this.. Its so totally ironic. Lol..
$Royal$Ass$Kisser: Hold up a minute girlfriend… lol.. Rob called you. He called you..
~Blonde~Lover: Yeah why? You sound shocked.
$Royal$Ass$Kisser: Oh.. I was just saying that’s a shock. Because I thought you would of told me like the minute it happened.
~Blonde~Lover: Well Yeah I was going to. Until I realized by the time we got off the phone that it was like 2:30 in the morning. : )
$Royal$Ass$Kisser: Oh what did you talk about?? And how long were you on the phone?
~Blonde~Lover: Well… you know the usual. Hey I g2g.. ttyl … lylas
$Royal$Ass$Kisser: Wait.. What did you talk about.
~Blonde~Lover has signed off.

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