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If you are currently experiencing failures? Please Read.
Currently, I am struggling in a subject in school. It is a language subject. Unfortunately, it’s the language I’m supposed to be familiar with. All my life, I have been a prey of failure. Though I never blamed anyone but myself, I always asked “Why me?” Well, I had no reason to blame anyone else. I am a lazy student. I hate studying (except for math). That’s all there is to it. I am now a graduating student, and failing a subject is not a joke. I will be attending one of the most prestigious universities in the country next year and failing a subject meant not attending college at all. That’s just simply something I can NOT accept. I was always the technical type. I loved the math, hence why I love music as well. Literature wasn’t really my kind of thing. Though I love analyzing literal works, I despised reading. And no, the subject I am failing is not English. But that’s beside the point. It’ll be my finals this week, and I need to get a B to pass that certain subject. So I’ve been working my butt off lately. While I was studying that subject, my dad handed to me the newspaper. With my expressions of awe, I reached out for it. I saw it was in the OPINION section. Papa told me to read the column at the right and it showed an article written by a Jesuit priest (who was once his teacher in high school). The first part of the article was a story about how people should manage their time well. But what struck me was the verse below it. And it said:

It does mean that you have not yet succeeded.
Failure does not mean that you have accomplished nothing.
It does mean that you have learned something.
Failure does not mean that you have wasted your life.
It does mean that you have a good reason to start over again.
Failure does not mean that you should give up.
It does mean that you should try harder.
Failure does not mean that you will never make it.
It does mean that you need more patience.
Failure does not mean that I have abandoned you.
It does mean that I have a better plan for you.

I don’t need to explain what I realized because I’m sure you’ve realized it as well. Just a piece of wisdom for those who haven’t heard this before, God wouldn’t give you a problem you couldn’t handle. Failure may be the best thing in life after all.

To non-Christians: it is not about the religion, it's about being a human person.

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