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The Power of Gems: If you dont know about it, dont try it!!

Episode: - 1

"Well that's what you think buddy, I believe that there is definitely
some power in these things", Vinay said holding that precious looking
gem in his hand. He didn't agreed with Amar's opinion about those
ratna and mungas. Vinay believed, as many of us believe, that those
gems are some sort of power reservoirs. Well, Amar's opinion was
different. He doesn't believe in these things.

Amar Vaishnav is a successful businessman. He is having a business of
cotton import export. He was a brilliant student in his college times
and after college, he worked really hard to establish his business.
It took him seven years to gain his present status. In this long
time, he lost contacts with all his college friends. Now the only
friend he is having is Vinay Sharma. Vinay is a simple employee in a
government firm. He has a sister named Vaishali, who is a lecturer in
a computer training institute. (We will come to the family of Amar

That evening Amar called Vinay for dinner in his own personal
steamboat. After dinner they went on discussing their philosophies.
Amar was quite upset he didn't tell Vinay why, for which, Vinay
suggested him to keep such precious gems with him & Amar
sarcastically refused.

Mr. Kailash, personal secretary of Amar, entered that room of the
steamboat with a file in his hand. He informed Amar about the meeting
with a Chinese delegation at `Combo Beach' he was having the next
day. That meeting was quite crucial for him. His company had to pay
some debts to the banks & that meeting could bring up that Chinese
company and his own company in a new deal beneficial to both. Knowing
that it was good to keep Amar busy in the preparations of the
meetings, Vinay took leave of him.

The phone was ringing continuously for at least five minutes when
Nimma picked up the receiver.
"Hello?", he said.
"Nimma, there is a meeting tomorrow Amar is going to attain with a
Chinese party at Combo Beach. 9A.M. You wont get better chance than
this", the voice from the other side said.
"Hmmm", Nimma said chewing a matchstick between his teeth. "You don't
worry Amar will become a history tomorrow. But what bout my money?"
he asked.
"You'll get it tomorrow after your job done", the voice said and then
Nimma put down the receiver. He knew now what he has to do.

Nimma is a contract killer. Three years ago, he was called up by a
man named Yograj Rana. He was a great businessman in cotton industry.
He was the owner of the biggest casino of the town. That old man gave
a contract to Nimma to kill another businessman Amar Vaishnav, who
was his challenging competitor in. He promised Nimma to give him
seventy five lakh rupees in return.
From then, Nimma has been trying to kill Amar but all of his attempts
were made in vain. He tried three times to kill Amar. Fist time at a
Press Conference, second time at an annual function of a school where
Amar was chief guest and the third time near his office but each time
Amar escaped easily and innocents were killed. Police inquiries were
setup but Nimma is too smart to be caught. Now he is going to try
fourth time and this time he'll strike a bullet in his victim's head
he had no doubt bout it.

Amar reached his home late at midnight. He changed his cloths and
went to his bedroom to sleep. He didn't switch on the light when he
entered and slowly walked towards his bed.
"So early?" a voice from behind said. Amar turned back and switched
on the light. He saw his wife Devika was sitting on his armchair.
"Devika?" he asked surprisingly, "you are back? But you told me that
you'll not be coming before Sunday"
"So that in my absence you'll do as you please?" she said smiling,
her smile as cunning and cruel as ever. Then she stood up and
said, "Ha, just joking! Actually I was missing you there, so I
"Missing me or missing my money", Amar said coldly. He knew his wife.
"Both". She put her arm around his neck, "actually I needed some
money for the party I'm to organize"
"What party?" Amar was sick of her parties.
"My friends said that I should organize a party at Desert Resort",
she said with innocence but artificial.
"But you have just returned from there…."
"So what? Can't I go back there? Can't I do what I want? Don't I have
a freedom?" she started weeping
"Okay, okay", he said, "how much?"
"Ah…., fifty thousand"
"Take from my drawer; keys are in the pockets of my pant lying at the
"Thank you sweety", she screamed with joy and ran outside the room.

Suddenly the phone rang. Amar picked it up.
"Sir… sorry to disturb you but I have a news for you"
"Who is this? Jacobs?"
"Yes sir", Jacobs was a detective Amar hired to keep an eye over his
ever suspicious wife
"What's it Jacobs?"
"Sir your wife wasn't with her friends as she told you; she was with
that man again. She was with him the whole day and has just returned
to you………..hello?....sir …are you there?...."
"Hun?...Ah, Jacobs good job!" he was shocked
"I am sorry sir"
"No you need not 'coz I am not" he hanged up. `Bitch!', he thought.

Next morning, Combo Beach 9A.M., the beach was as desolated as ever
at that time. It was a private beach used by millionaires to organize
their business deals and parties. The present day, Amar is having his
business meeting with a Chinese delegation led by Mr. Yang Zemini,
who had a good command at English so that they didn't required a

The meeting was going all well, Infact encouraging for Amar, who
started thinking that the economic crisis he was suffering from will
soon be over.

The crisis was but still to come. Not too far from the meeting place
was a building at the top of which a snip rifle filled with bullets
was waiting for the gentlemen present at the meeting. Nimma was all
set to shoot at the target.

"Bang", the first bullet shot, right in the head of Mr.Zemini, who
was mistakenly hit as Amar bent to pick up his pen. Nimma again
missed the shot. This made him livid. He furiously started firing
continuously without taking care of who has been hit and who has been
left. Soon there were dead bodies lying at the meeting place. The
bang-bang music continued for five minutes and then it stopped.
Nimma, believing that all are dead, left.

From the back of a wooden chair Amar saw the frightening sight. He
remained there speechless, mouth wide open, eyes filled with horror,
and then he stood up. He was the only man alive there….
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