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The power of Gems, if you dont know about it, dont try it....

Episode: -2

The behavior of the police commissioner was a bit harsh and cruel,
Amar thought. Just as he started to query about the massacre, Amar
get started to feel that he was just trying to place Amar in the
suspicious list. "Why is that so Mr.Vaishnav that each time somebody
tries to kill you, gets his hands red with innocent blood and leaving
you intact. Why have you always been so lucky? Isn't it so strange?"
"What you are trying to say Mr. Commissioner? You think that I have
set this whole up??"
"May be…."
"This is insane. You just tell me, what particular profit you think I
can get by doing all this? Those company men came to India just to
help me get out of my financial problems. I am not a fool to kill
"Not your decision to make. We'll tell you how fool you are and how
smart you are…… until this investigation is over you cannot leave
this town. You may go now."

After being affronted by the commissioner, Amar walked out of police
headquarters. He was in a real dilemma. He still had those financial
problems in front of him besides this new attempt on his life has
brought some new problems. The relationship with the Chinese company
were affected and he was now involved in the investigation of the
massacre of a foreign delegation team. This all made him nervous. He
was walking through the door when his mobile rang.
"Hello", he said.
"So, enjoying?" a cool voice from other side said. "I've told the
commissioner to handle it carefully as my favorite student is
involved in it".
"I know that bastard commissioner is your friend. That's why he was
trying to trap me in this whole shit".
"I've told you so many times Amar; you should not use such kind of
language for elders".
"To hell with your advice Yograj, I know you very well. I know that
the person behind these killing attempts is none other than you…"
"Oh, I see you are very intelligent. I tried to knock you down three
times but each time you escaped. This time too, you escaped. But you
are now in real difficult situation. I'll pray for you. Bye" and the
phone disconnected.

Amar stood there for a moment speechless. Yograj Rana was the man
behind his success, behind his status, and now he is also after his
life. In the seven struggling years of his life of his business
career, Yograj was his only teacher. He taught him all the tactics of
good business but when Amar used those tactics he reached a status
higher than his own teacher. This made Yograj jealous of his student.
He tried all means to defeat him in business but failed. Then he
decided to remove Amar out of his way and hired a contract killer
Nimma who has tried three times to kill Amar and the rest is known.

Not a few moments after the phone rang again.
"What is it?" Amar was now annoyed.
"Jacobs here sire, how are you? I just learned that you escaped
another life attempt?"
"I'm all right Jacobs, thanks, where are you?"
"I'm at the Desert Resort your wife is here too and I have news"
"When the news of attempt on your life came in here, everyone thought
you are dead, and to my shame, your wife literally celebrated that
news. I'm sorry sir but I must tell you she is a real bitch"
"Thanks Jacobs", he said and disconnected. He was filled with rage.

"So Amar, you want my help?" Vinay asked offering him a cup of
tea. "What specific help can I give to you?"
"I want some of those ratna or mungas to keep"
Vinay continuously stared him for about one minute then he said
"You are saying this?? You were the strongest disbeliever in the
magic of these gems!"
"I'm at a loss Vinay. From where I am, I just have two options;
either I kill myself or I overcome. I'm not a coward to commit
suicide. But I know no way to overcome. I can try any thing that
brings back all that I had lost".
"I can understand Amar, but I'm sorry I cannot give these ratna or
mungas to you".
"But why?"
"Because like any dress to fit on somebody it should be of his or her
size. The same way, you can keep the gems that could suite your needs
and I am not the right person to ask which gems would be beneficial
for you"
"Then who is?"
"That's a lady. Her name is Taradevi. She is one of the most famous
astrologers of this country and she is the one who had given me these
gems. You should meet her and she will tell you what precious stones
you should keep with you"
"Where does she live?"
"She's a traveler. She has visas of about twenty countries. She keeps
traveling here and there. To your luck, she is presently in our town;
in "Mabel Hotel" we should meet her there"
"Come with me, Vinay we'll meet her right now if you are not busy"
"C'mon man, I am never busy when your work is concerned. Right? Let's

Mabel Hotel; room number 217;

"Amar meet Taradevi, the greatest astrologer of this country", Vinay
introduced her to Amar.
"Now you are flattering me Mr. Sharma, I just try to do what my job
is, I'm not the best one", she said. Her tone was soothing, calm and
friendly. Taradevi was a middle aged woman. She should be about 44
years old. She had big eyes and attractive features.
"Now you are underrating yourself, well, anyway, my friend Amar
wanted to meet you"
"Mr.Amar Vaishnav, I know you. The big businessman. Right?"
"Not so big ma'am, this moment I'm a helpless sufferer. I'm in a
tremendously difficult situation"
"Yeah, Mr. Sharma told me about it. But he also told me that you
don't believe in the power of these gems"
"I still don't believe in it but I want to try anyway"
"So, what do you want to try?"
"I'm sorry but I would like to test your magic first and then
believe. If you could tell me who the people behind all these are, I
would bow before your magic"
"Well, come forward then and bend down on your knees"
Amar looked in a questioning way towards Vinay, who nodded, and, then
he stood up from the chair and sat down on the floor bending his
knees in front of Taradevi's chair.

Taradevi bent forward and touched his forehead then she said,
"Close your eyes Mr. Vaishnav, and think of the incidents that led to
this situation"
Amar closed his eyes and thought; this whole drama continued for five
minutes when Taradevi broke the silence,
"Open your eyes and please take your seat"
Amar took his seat, "So what did you find?"
"There are three people after your life and happiness and they are
the real culprits; one is a lady very close to you, she is betraying
you. Another is a man who should have been your teacher once but now
he's after your prosperity. And the third one is a man who wants your

Amar looked astonishingly at the old lady who was absolutely correct!!
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