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The power of Gems: if you dont know about it dont try it....

After taking a deep breath, Amar said, "Yes ma'am, you are right. The lady you talked about is none other than my wife. The bitch wants me dead. The person, who was my teacher as you said, his name is Yograj Rana. He, too, wants to kill me. As you know I was targeted three times, the third person must be the killer who is behind this. These three persons are behind my destruction. I want to pay them back.

"Mr.Vaishnav, I can easily do what you want but the problem is I don't help those who don't believe in these powers"

"Ma'am, I would really believe in your gems and stones if you could anyhow solve my problems..."

Taradevi thought for a moment then asked, "What you really want to happen to those people?"

Amar smiled, "You mean that you can do anything I want to happen?"

"Just say once and I'll show you…"

"Ok, first, my wife, the bitch wants to kill me. I want to see her frightened, helpless and ashamed. Next, that bastard Yograj Rana, he wants me ruined and behind bars. I want to see him behind bars. And the last one that killer, he wants my life, I want his life. Now, can you do this?"

"………..Sure……" Taradevi said smiling. "Just wait for a while...", and she stood up and went to another room.

Amar and Vinay faced each other in a questioning way.

Soon she returned with a bag in her hands. She took her seat and opened the bag. She took out a shining yellow ring and handed it to Amar. Amar looked at the ring astonishingly and then he started trying to insert it into his finger.

"No, not now", Taradevi interrupted, "You should start bearing this ring right from tonight. You want eye for eye revenge with your enemies. That's good. Then why don't start it tonight?"


"This evening, at 9pm I'll ring you on your mobile phone. This will be a signal for you. You will wear this ring after reading this mantra", saying this she handed over the mantra written on a paper, "After you wear this ring, fortune will favour you and that will be the beginning of sorrows of your enemies"

"I don't believe this. This is…this is…bullshit..."

"You'll believe it tonight…" she said in a determined way.

It was 8:55 pm. Amar was in his mansion. He had taken a bath. He was wearing a dhoti and a janeu as instructed by Taradevi. He was waiting for the ring. Devika was not at home as ever. There was very dim light in his room. He was sitting on floor with that paper in his hand.

At exactly 9:04pm, the phone rang. Amar quickly picked it up.

"Hello?" he was excited.

"Are you ready Mr.Vaishnav?" Taradevi was as cool as in the morning.

"Ah…yes…yes…" he said with a bit of hesitation.

"Are you afraid?"

"Ah...no, not at all", he lied.

"Then go ahead, and see the magic begins…"

After few minutes, he recited those awkward looking mantra and then inserted the ring into his index finger.

While on the other side, Taradevi was prepared. There were three dolls tied on a rod and were hanging below fire in her room. She took a long pointed needle and approached towards the first doll.

Yograj Rana was returning from a party he gave to his friends at his farmhouse far from the town. He gave party because he wanted to celebrate the failure of his enemy. He was very happy that evening. Not caring of his age, he was driving his car with a speed of 100 on that desolated highway.

Devika was at her friend's home. Her boyfriend was out of town. She was taking drugs while cursing her fate that her husband escaped the third life attempt. However, she was happy that the meeting with the Chinese delegation was a failure. It was strange; she knew, but she is always happy when her husband is disappointed.

Nimma was very happy this evening. Although, he was unsuccessful again this time, but his master has given him more money than he has promised because what he did caused more pain for his victim. He brought a bottle of Rum from a shop and was returning home.

The needle was inserted into the first doll.

A hand waved and signaled Yograj to stop the car. Yograj applied the brake and saw that it was a police jeep standing in front. The inspector who was wearing a long overcoat approached his car.

"What's the matter inspector?" he asked while sitting in his car.

"Would you please get out of your car mister?" the inspector said. He was a middle aged man with dense mustache on his face. He looked cruel.


"Would you please get out of your car?"


"We have to check your car."

"And why so?"

"I can't tell you until you step out…."

Yograj stepped out. "So, now tell me."

"Mister we are searching for a missing girl named Maya who disappeared this noon."

"And you think that you'll find her in my car…"

"May be…"


"We'll check and make sure"

"You know who am I? I am Yograj Rana. A close friend of your commissioner"

"And you know, who am I? I am Inspector BansiDhar. Last week I put a boy named Rohit behind the bars. He was the nephew of Home minister. Got it?"

Yograj stood helpless and the policemen started searching his car.

"This is not good inspector, I'll complain you to your seniors" he said while the men checked his car.

A policeman came to him and asked for the key to open the dickey. He gave him the keys.

"You'll pay for this inspector, I'm telling you…."

The dickey opened and everybody looked surprisingly.

There was a body of a girl in it soaked in blood. Yograj was speechless.

Inspector looked at him. He said,

"No, no no inspector it's a trap. It's a trap. I didn't …I didn't…."

"Arrest him", the police man said and two men seized Yograj by arms.

"No inspector, it's not fair. I didn't kill her I don't even know her. Hey, what are you doing? Why are you arresting me?"

They took her to the police jeep, while BansiDhar instructed his men to take the car to the police station and inform the father of the girl about this. Yograj was yelling that he was innocent but nobody was listening. They took him to the station,

The magic has begun……..
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