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Rated: ASR · Serial · Thriller/Suspense · #1227197
The Power of Gems: if you dont know about it, dont try it......

Taradevi kept pressing the needle till it penetrated the first doll and was very near to the next doll.

It was 11 pm at night. Devika was in a farmhouse of her boyfriend, who was out of town. She was preparing a drink for herself, and at the same time thinking about some ways to get rid of her husband.

The pin was inserted into the second doll.

Suddenly the phone rang. `Who would call me this time?' Devika thought. She placed the bottle on the table, reached for the phone and picked up the receiver.







She was about to put down the receiver when a very creepy noise was heard from the other side. It was the sound of a laugh. A dangerous laugh. A man on the other side laughed in a horrible way. Devika was scared.

"Who's this?" she asked trembling.

"Who am I? Who the hell do you think you are to ask me this question, eh? Who you are? Ah, let me guess, you are the corrupt woman trying to kill her husband. Am I right Miss Bitch?"

"Who are you?" her hands were shaking now.

"That's none of your business hag, listen what matters to you?"


"I have some beautiful photographs of you and your Mr. Boyfriend, remember? At Desert Resort,…you remember, don't you?"

"What? H…how do you know he was there and how do you got pho…photo…?"

"I just told you to ask only what worth to you"

"And what those photographs worth to you?" she said straightforward.

"Ah…That's too fast. You mean you are asking what I want in exchange of those photographs?… Well, I want just twenty five lack rupees..."

"Wha.. ? Twenty five Lack? I don't have that much money"

"Don't fool me, I know you picked up twenty five lacks from the bank account of your husband"

"H…how do you.."?

"Just ask what worth to you"

"OK, what do you want me to do?"

" I want you here in half an hour from now with whole money in cash. I'm waiting at `Morgo garage'; it's in front of old Marriage palace. Bring the money, and don't try to call your hero as he won't be able help you. Right? Half an hour; just half an hour. Remember, if you are late, I won't be late in posting these photographs to your husband. Do you understand? "

"Y…yes, I am coming there in half an hour. Wait for me."

"So am I doing"

"But please tell me your name..."

The man laughed again, but this time very gently. Then he said in a hissing sound.


Nimma was on his way to home. He was holding the Rum bottle in his hands. `It's still a few miles from here. The Rum can't wait this long'; he thought. He stopped for a while and opened the cork of the bottle, and started drinking while continued his walking.

The pin was now penetrating the third doll.

It was when Nimma gulped the last drop in his throat, he heard a scream. It was a female voice. He looked around but found no one. He then looked at the bottle which was empty now. He again heard the scream. This time it was no confusion. It was really a female voice coming very close, as if a lady is screaming while running. He turned back and saw a female figure was running towards him screaming. It was dark, but Nimma was standing below a lamp-post. When the lady came very close to him, he could see her face.

That was a tremendously beautiful face. Big eyes, sharp nose, long black hair. The lady must be in her mid 20s, Nimma thought. She was wearing a white sari and she looked frightened. Even her fearful eyes were extremely beautiful. For Nimma it was love at first sight.

But the new comer was in no mood for romance. She was terrified of something. She turned back and then quickly turned again to Nimma, her long black hair were swirling with the motion of her head.

"Please", She said begging, "please help me…… "

"What happened?" Nimma asked.

"Some crooks are after me, they are….", she could not complete her sentence.

Soon four tough looking men appeared at the scene. Nimma quickly understood that these men were after the lady. They were strong and were in no way looking generous.

Nimma gently pushed the lady aside to face those men.

"What's your problem? Why are you chasing this woman?"

"Don't come in our way or you will be twisted", one of them said.

"She belongs to us", demanded the other, "we have purchased her for ten thousand rupees"

Nimma looked surprisingly at them and then he turned to the lady who was now trembling.

"It is my father-in-law, who sold me to these men tonight" she said in almost jerking voice.

Nimma again turned to the men.

"Leave her and go. She is not a bottle of Rum that can be sold."

"Oh, so you wanna mess with us?" roared one of the men.

"Yes", Nimma said and broke the bottle of Rum he was holding. It was not first time for him.

The four men jointly attacked Nimma but he was a skilled professional. He threw the broken bottle at one of the men and it hit him on the head. He fell screaming. The other three jumped towards Nimma who at the same time pulled out his personal revolver and pointed on them. They were now frightened.

"GO!!", Nimma yelled and all the four men flew away.

After the men were gone, Nimma turned to the lady.

"You are safe now"

"Thank you very much ……. But they can come back can't they?"

"No they can't, everybody fears this", he said looking at the gun. "Er…", he said hesitatingly, "may I know what exactly happened to you?"

The beautiful lady said slowly, as if she had found a readymade bodyguard from God.

"My husband used to work in the handicrafts factory. He died last month due to an accident. My father-in-law accused me of bringing misfortune to him. He is a regular drinker. He do nothing except drinking. This evening, in exchange of a foreign made Whisky, he sold me these four men", she started sobbing.

"Don't cry", Nimma said patting on her shoulder, "What will you do now?"

"I'll go to my uncle's house in Wazipur. I'll take the first train to Wazipur tomorrow. But….. what about tonight??"

"Oh you can stay with me tonight if you don't mind?", Nimma said hesitatingly

"Oh thank you very much, how kind!", there was a spark of joy in her voice.

"My home is nearby, I was just going there…., if you can please come with me"

"Ok", she said.

Then they started walking together.

"My name is Nimma .What's your name?", Nimma asked

The lady smiled and said,


This lady was the same whose dead body was found in the car of Yograj Rana!!
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