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by Pigeon
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Violet discovers a terrible secret of her sister. What will happen when it is revealed?

I found her on the cold kitchen floor. Her eyes cold, grey, staring into space as if she could see something we couldn't. The afterlife? These grey eyes weren't a patch on her beautiful bright blue eyes she had. As I looked at her on the mortuary bed I found it hard to believe she was my sister. One vicious rumor had started it all. I hadn't even had time to apologize, to say sorry. It was my fault she was dead. I remember the moment I saw a gun.
"You've killed her!" I screamed. "How could you kill her!"
He stammered, "N-no, I didn't do it. I came in and found her like this, and found the gun, and I picked it up. That's it!" But nobody believed him. I heard him. I knew it was him.


It was a cold day, very cold. It was my birthday. Our birthday. My sister was in the Miss Manchester beauty pageant. We were twins, not identical though, and she was far prettier than me. Yet I was the one with the sweet, quiet, loving boyfriend. She only seemed to get the raving lunatics that were just after one thing…

Of course, Rose was the first one to actually get a boyfriend. She was popular. She could sing, she could dance, she was funny, and pretty. But most of all she was kind. Unfortunately the creeps that she went out with weren't. They never lasted more than a week.

Well, as I was saying, we were at the pageant on our birthday. She was great. Walking across the stage elegantly. I was so envious. As she got to the end of the stage, where the cameras were, she gave a cheeky little wink and a huge grin and walked back to the stage. It was near the end now. Thank God. I hated sitting for hours watching pretty girls walk across the stage while I was stuck as a plain Jane. A shrinking Violet. It fits well, seeing as my name is Violet. I was lost in my thoughts when I suddenly heard my mum cheering.
"Well done Rose!" I looked up. She had won. I sighed. I knew she would win, but that's not what made me sad. It was my first birthday without my father. He was killed in a fire. Only he and my sister were in it. She managed to save herself, but my father was killed. I felt tears welling up inside my eyes. I know she could have saved him, I just know it.
"Are you going to find her backstage like you usually do?" My mum asked. I decided I would.
"Hey Rose!" I called. "You were great out there." She grinned at me.
"Thanks Vi. I was soo nervous!"
"It didn't show, don't worry," I smiled at her. "Look, Ro, I need the loo. I drank way too much coke out there" I said. She laughed.
"Ok. Don't be long. I hate being back here alone."

The toilets. That was where the rumour started. I'm in the cubicle, doing my business when Bianca walked in. I hate Bianca. She goes to my school. She hates me too. She hates Rose more. She was surrounded by her 'crew'. Sally, Penny and Gemma.
"You so should have won, Bi," Sally soothed. "You were way better than that rose girl."
"I always am," Bianca said furiously. "But I never win do I? No. I've got to find a way to get Rose," She said Rose in a really poncey voice, causing the crew to giggle madly. "Shush! Anyway, as I was saying. I've got to get Rose out of the picture. "
"How about make a rumor up about her. She'll never want to show her face again." Penny suggested.
"No, that's too pitiful." At this, Penny hid her face. "Besides, I already know something true about her."
"Ooh, do tell us Bi!" squealed Gemma. Disgusting girl. So engrossed with other peoples lives she forgets her own.
"Nah. I don't think I will." The girls moaned unhappily. "Hmm. Ok then. She whispered in their ears. Not quietly enough. I heard her.
"I caught her with her twin sisters boyfriend." I gasped, and dropped my bag. The girls turned as I opened the cubicle and scurried out. I didn't stay long enough to hear Bianca say
"Ha. I knew she was there all along. Rose never REALLY snagged Violets boyfriend." Bianca grinned. The girls moaned again.
"I though I was onto some really good dirt there." groaned Gemma. 

I marched straight up to her and confronted her.
"You cow! You lying, cheating, manipulating cow!" I slapped her hard across the face.
"What?!" Rose shouted, holding her cheek. I must have really hurt her.
"I know about you and your little games with my boyfriend. You knew how happy me and Matt were! But you have to go and make everything about YOU! I suppose that explains all the nights you go out, not mentioning where you're going or what you're doing. Well I've had enough." And with that I walked out.


I was in my element. I just loved doing this. I probably looked like a twit, but performing in front of hundreds of people was my anti drug. I danced, I sung, I read my speech, and in the end I won. I grinned as I heard my mum call out to me. But she wasn't why I was so happy. I was happy because my boyfriend Cody was in the audience. He was my English teacher. He was only 22. Of course, nobody knew about us. I had to sneak out to see him. He had a wife, but I loved him and Im sure he loved me. I was glad he got to see me so glammed up. As I hurried backstage I heard my sister calling. We had a little chat before she headed to the toilets. Cody came over to me.
"Cody! You know you shouldn't be here, someone will see us!" I whine.
"Ok, ok, Ill go. Jeez. See you tonight at the usual place?"
"Yeah sure now just get out of here!" I shove him out of the door, just in time. My sister comes back and has a right go at me. Then she slaps me. It really hurt! She says some crap about me kissing her boyfriend. As if Id want him when I have my beautiful, grown up, mature Cody. Why would I want to fool around with a school kid? I decide Ill tell her straight tomorrow. I wont talk about Cody, Ill make up some guy. Called Mike or something, I don't know. But Ill make sure she knows Im not going with her boyfriend behind her back.


Im still fuming when I get home. My mum notices that Im a bit miffed, but I don't tell her why. She wouldn't understand. I cool down by watching TV. Its about 9 pm and I'm still on the sofa watching some corny TV program. Out of the corner of my eye I notice Rose looking really slutty. Short skirt, even smaller top, makeup. She's going to meet my boyfriend isn't she? The little slag! I thought. Ill follow her. Its dark outside. I struggle to keep sight of her as she walks down murky alleyways. She stumbled over a few times. Im not suprised, wearing those heels!

She stops near the pub and checks her watch. She looks in a nearby window and retouches her hair and makeup. Some men looked at her. My god, she isn't a prostitute is she? I ponder this, and I feel even worse when she walks up to a black car with tinted windows, leans in, chats for a bit and then gets in the car. Oh no! She is a prostitute! I cant possibly follow a car can I? Or maybe I can. My feet seem to be a different part of my body, just walking away without my brain thinking. The car doesn't go far, and its travelling in the speed limit, so I find it easy to tail. It turns into the drive of a huge posh house. All thoughts about Matt go out of the window. I'm worried for her safety now. If it really is someone she doesn't know she could really be in danger. What if he's a pervy old man?
I sneak up to the window where a light is on. I feel like I'm invading Rose's privacy, as if Im reading her diary, but I cant bear to see her hurt. I look in, and Im so shocked. Its Mr Barnes, the English teacher Rose has! I can't see Rose's face, but I would recognise that hair anywhere, wouldnt I? They both have a glass of wine and they seem to be just laughing, but then they start to kiss. What sort of perverted teacher would do this? Its against the LAW! It takes a moment to sink in. Am I sure its Rose? It can't be. I must have lost the car, and found another like it, and followed that instead. but she flicks back her hair, and I see her earings. I bought her them. It is her.
I can't bear it. I run to the front door and hammer on it. Mr Barnes answers. I push past him and grab hold of Rose. I drag her towards the door.
"What do you think you're doing, Violet?" she screams.
"What am I doing? I should be asking YOU that! Having an affair with a married teacher!" I turn to him.
"And you! You're disgusting." I had nothing more to say to him and I marched off, pulling Rose. Thank goodness Im stronger than her.


I spent ages getting ready. Im 16 now, I wanted to show that I wasn't a little kid. I was grown up, and it showed in my clothes and make up. I went out and bought a really short black skirt. I have great legs and it really shows them off. I also got a really small top. It's a black cropped cardie type thing with a tie to close the front. I put on a black lacy bra too. I make my eyes smoky and dramatic. I leave my lips bare. I wont need lipstick with what we'll be doing. I sneak out. No-one sees me. I feel a bit guilty leaving my sister on our birthday, but today is important. Today is when it will happen. Hopefully.
Today will be when he tells me he's left his wife and he's free to me.
Anyway, I get to the pub where he's picking me up, and everyone stares at me. There are a load of men around. One guy, around twenty-ish, licks his lips and nods his head in a "Ill have some of that" sort of way and takes out a wad of cash. Oh God. He thinks Im a prostitute! He's getting closer. Luckily my knight in a shiny new BMW drives up in front of me. He winds down his window and screws up his face.
"Rose? What are you wearing?" He screwed up his face. He did'nt like it?
"Oh god I've been so stupid, please let me in quickly. That guy thinks Im a prostitute."
"Im not surprised." He snarled. "Get in."
That comment takes me off guard. He thinks I look like a slag? I spent all my birthday money on this outfit. I sigh and get in anyway. His house isn't very far away, but he doesn't want to risk walking it.
"My wife will be out all night. She's at a party. We should have until at least 11."
"Why not start now?" I wink. He looks at me as if he doesn't understand.
"Start what?"
"Never mind. Do you have a drink? Im thirsty."
"Yeah. Sure." He goes to his fridge and calls back, "I only have champagne!"
"That's ok! I like champagne." In truth, Id never had it before, and I thought it was disgusting, but I kept drinking it. Everything was really awkward. Id been too suggestive hadn't I? Oh god. Someone save me. Suddenly he leans in for a kiss and catches me off guard. I liked his kisses. So much more advanced than Violets little schoolboy. Ok, I had kissed her boyfriend. Once. But he was drunk and I was lonely. He didnt remember it though. I hope. As we broke apart he gently touched my face and smiled. I smiled back. I truly loved him.
Suddenly there was hammering at the door. Oh God, his wife hadn't came home early had she? No, she'd have a key, surely. He went and unlocked the door and answered it. No one spoke, but a second later I had been grabbed by the arm by my sister and was being dragged out. It all happened so fast, I didnt have time to grab my phone. I left it on the table. Rose shouted at me. I shouted back. My birthday had been ruined.


The next day is a Saturday. I lie in bed until midday. I can't face Rose. She is a nightmare, she really is. What does she think she's doing, gallivanting around with that teacher. I have half a mind to report him to the head teacher, but Rose would never forgive me. My head was banging. When I finally resurface Rose has gone out.
"Goodness knows where she's one, but she looked very subdued. She was wearing all baggy clothing. I cant imagine why." I knew why. She had totally overdone it yesterday. I was actually ashamed. I sighed and called Matt.
"Hey. Ugh, you wont believe the day I had yesterday." So I explained it all to him. He laughed at most of it. I didn't mention Mr Barnes though. I just said it was an ultra bad boy at school called Mark. Mark would kill me if he heard. Actually, he'd probably kill Rose. I decided to go for a walk. It was a cool day again. The breeze woke me up and refreshed and cleared my head. I was about to turn to he corner shop where I was pushed against the wall.
"Listen you. You shouldn't meddle in what me and your sister get up to. That was going to be a special night for both of us." It was Mr Barnes. He hissed in my ear. "You'll pay for it." "Get off me!" I screamed. And then I ran as fast as I could home. I wanted him gone. Gone forever. And I would do anything to get that done.


I woke up early on Saturday. I wanted to get out ASAP. I totally dressed down today. I just wore some baggy old clothes. I didn't want to risk looking like a tart again. So I looked the opposite. I looked drab. I went over to Cody's house. I knocked on the door and waited for him. A really pretty young woman answered. His wife.
"Hi Darling, are you lost?" She asked, cheerfully. She had beautiful brown eyes and brown hair falling in loose curls. Her milky skin was glowing. As I looked to my feet, I noticed a bump on her stomach. Well, I thought. At least she was a but chubby.
"Oh, uhm, Im sorry. I must have the wrong house." I glanced around her and saw Cody shrugging. I looked back at the woman, and noticed her rubbing her stomach gently. I smiled and walked away, quickly. When I got around the corner, I slumped against the wall. That bump. Shes pregnant isnt she. Oh god. I didn't want to go home. I just went to the corner shop instead. Bianca was there.
"Well look who it is girls. My goodness Rose, you look rather plain today. Finally got into your thick head that you're not pretty. Just tarty. You should have seen what she was wearing last night." She added to her friends. "She looked like a right slag. And she got into a shady looking car." They all howl with laughter and leave me standing in the shop with a red face. The shop keeper gave me a dirty look. Oh no. He's the guy that I saw last night. The one that thought I was a prostitute. I mumble thanks and run out. Im never going there again. When I get back, Violet is awake. She stares at me. When I go into my room she follows and closes the door.
"He's a sick pervert who's using you." She said.
"Pfft. What would you know. We love each other. Your just jealous that I have bagged a gorgeous mature man like Cody-"
"Yeah, real mature. Going out with a teenager." I ignored her.
"-while you're stuck with a pathetic schoolboy who you hardly even see."
"Well you can tell 'Cody' that he'll never mess with you again. Im reporting him." What? No. She was kidding, wasnt she? But something in her eye told me she wasnt. I threw my metal cat at her, but she slid out the door and it missed.
But what if she's right. Cody still isn't leaving his wife. His pregnant wife. Even though he said he would. But why would he. Ive been stupid. Why would he want a school girl? I sighed and decided to go to sleep again. Dreams let me escape my worries.


Monday. Today is the day. I get rid of that creep for life. I couldn't tell Rose about my encounter with her boyfriend yesterday, but I will tell the headmistress. I marched to her office and knocked on the door.
"Yes?" Came the reply.
"I have something to tell you. About a teacher. He's been doing.. things."
The headmistress seemed a bit confused.
"Come in, uhm, Violet is it?"
"Yes." I smiled.
I entered and closed the door with a quiet click.


First lesson of the day was English. I got to see my sweet Cody. We were reading Romeo and Juliet. He read out Romeo, and I was Juliet. I was happy at that. He was only Romeo because there weren't enough people willing to read, and no one wanted to be Romeo .The whole lesson went by with us exchanging flirty glances. At the end he kept me back.
"My girlfriend left last night. She thought I was having an affair. I let her believe it. We're almost free! Just 4 months and you'll leave school and you wont be a student any more." He smiled and leaned in for a kiss. His lips touched mine gently and I pulled him into a passionate embrace. School girl or not, he must want me. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.
"Mr. Barnes?" Oh god. It was the head mistress. Thank God the windows are covered with posters (my own personal demand). He ran over and opened the door, and I hid out of view.
"Hey Morgan. I'm in with student now. She was very naughty during the lesson." Oh I wanted to be naughty now. I pouted just so he saw it and pulled my skirt up slightly, then I stroked my leg and winked, just to joke around.
"It isn't Rose Smith is it?"
"No." He said quickly. A little too quickly, I thought.
"Well I'm afraid the student will have to wait. A very serious allegation has been made about you."
"Oh." He cast a worried glance at me. Oh god. What if they have found out! I waited for a while until I was certain The Head teacher had gone. I hurried out, worried. I was really late for my next lesson. Maths. Pah. I hated maths anyway. I went into the female toilets, and saw a girl and a boy were hugging and kissing. Her perfume was so strong. I sneezed. They turned and looked at me. I gasped.
"Matt! Brittany!" It was Violets boyfriend and best friend. "Matt! What are you doing! What about Vi?? She said you told her you loved her yesterday!" They stood, stunned for a second, before Matt turned vicious.
"You tell her, Ill slit your throat. I like to fool around with Violet, but I don't love her. Now scram."
I sighed. And walked out. I was going to tell Vi anyway. As if Matt would ever kill me. He's too much of a wuss.


I held my breath. The door handle turned. Mr. Barnes walked in, talking to the head teacher. As he turned his head and saw me, he stared.
"Ok Violet. You can go now. Thank you for your help."
He was still staring at me as I left. I closed the door, but put my ear to it.
"Cody. A student has told me that you are having an affair with another student, and you attacked her at the weekend telling her not to tell anyone. I'm afraid I have to suspend you as you are under investigation."
My Barnes said nothing. Suddenly someone pushed me from behind. It was Rose.
"How could you, you mad cow." She whispered angrily.
"What?" I replied, feigning surprise.
"You told Moody Morgan about me and Cody."
"I did not!" I lied.
"Then why are you hanging around the office that Cody just walked into, with your little ear against the door?" I was silent. "You're just jealous because I managed to get a mature guy like Cody and your stuck with Matt. And Matt doesn't even love you! I saw him in the loo's with Brit!"
I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.
"What?" I swallowed hard. No. It couldnt be true.
"You heard. Your so called perfect boyfriend was snogging your best mate." She said angrily, and then she walked off. Sometimes I think I could kill her.


I was so mad at Violet. I stormed home, furious. However, at least I had time to think. This wasn't going to work. He's an adult! And I'm only just 16…When I got home Cody was waiting outside. He was drunk.

"Cody? Why on earth are you here? And how on earth did you get drunk so quickly." Then I remembered. It was a few weeks ago. He said,

"The only thing I can drink is champagne. Anything else and I get drunk after one glass." He laughed.

I saw a load of cans around him. Oh God.
"Shheee's going to pay for thish." He was slurring his words. I saw this as an opportunity. He wont remember this in the morning. I hope.
"Oh Cody. I know you're going to hate me for this, but I don't think we should see each other anymore. I just don't think this is working. You're too old for me!" He just stared at me.
"You cow! I loved you. And you trow it in my fayce!" His words were all mixed up. I quickly got out my keys and ran inside, then closed the door in his face. "I'll kill you, you bitch!" He shouted. I started to cry, silently. I heard Violet inside.
"I don't care! I know you are cheating on my. My sister saw you…Oh come on, don't be dumb.. you aren't going to kill her… be quiet! I don't want to know. We're finished!" She slammed down the phone. Now we were both single.


It's done. I've finished with Matt. In the end he confessed. He tried to give me a valid explanation but he just made himself look pathetic. He even tried to threaten Rose. Weirdly, I wasn't upset. Well, not that upset. I looked up as Rose walked into the room. I brushed my hair out of my eyes. Her face was red. I think she was crying. I could hear hammering on the door behind me. What was happening?
"Happy? I just broke up with Cody." She said. I was stunned.
"Yes! Of course I am! He's scum! He attacked me, telling me to keep my mouth shut!" I shouted. The hammering continued.
"Well, whatever. I'm going to bed." And up she went. I sighed. I wasn't going to be able to sleep that night.


The next day school was a drag. No Cody to get me through. As the final bell rang I got out of the school quickly. As I got to the gates, I stopped dead. Cody was there in his car.
"Please get in, Rose. We need to talk." I looked around. No one was watching. I may as well get it through with.  I slipped into his car, unnoticed. He started the car and he started driving. I looked at his speed gauge. He was going far too fast.
"Look Rose, I'm sorry I got drunk the other night. I was stupid. I woke up the next day with the worst feeling."
"Hangover?" I asked.
"No! I felt bad because I've lost everything, Rose. My job, my girlfriend. My unborn child." I winced. I had been right. "And now I've lost you. Please take me back."
"No!" I shouted. "There's no way we're getting back together! We're finished. I thought Id make myself clear." He was speeding up. "Stop, youre scaring me!"
"Oh, poor little Rose is scared is she?" He said speeding up even more. "That's not good enough!" He roared, and he swerved off the side of the road as he took his hands off the wheel. He hit a tree. I heard the loudest noise I had ever heard as the airbags flew open, and I hit my head on the side of the door. The dumb air bags didn't work on the side of the car. I blacked out. When I came round, I heard nothing. There was a ringing in my ears. Cody was gone. The rotten coward! I stood up and staggered home. It was only five minutes away. Apart from the ringing in my ears, I was fine. No. I wasn't. I touched my head. It was bleeding. As I arrived home I got an earful from my mum. But I couldn't hear her. I don't know why but I could not hear her at all. I tried talking. I couldn't hear me either. I was terrified. I'd been made deaf! I started to cry and told my mum about the crash. And how I couldn't hear her. I made out that Cody was giving me a lift because I was ill and he went off the road. I was deaf. I wouldn't hear anything again. My mum took me to hospital to get me checked over. I was devastated.
Well, at least I thought I wouldn't hear again. By the next day my ears had kind of accustomed. I couldn't hear much, but I heard muffled noises. I sighed. I was never going to be able to explain this at school.
When I finally went back to school, it was hell. Explaining to most teachers that I couldn't hear well took forever. Some of them had the cheek to not believe me!! When the day eventually came to a close I decided I needed chocolate.
"Hey, Vi. I'm going to the shop. I'm in serious need of a chocolate fix."
"Ok." She smiled. "Ill meet you at home." We hadn't really made up, but we could sort of stand each other again. At the shop, it was still uncomfortable. The boy that had thought I was a prostitute wasn't there, but he must have told his friends there. They looked and smiled, meanly. I hurriedly bought my Crunchie, and ran home. There was a red squirrel in my garden. We don't get many grey squirrels here, never mind red ones. It was a beautiful creature. The tail was fluffy, and rust coloured. I kept watching it run about, collecting nuts as I entered the house. Suddenly I heard a slight popping noise. Then… silence.


That dumb cow Rose has managed to make herself deaf in a car crash. She had a few days off school, but she can still hear slight things. But she's almost deaf. We had a right time trying to explain it all to the teachers. Most of them thought we were joking, trying to get her out of school. Of course, my mum called and made everything clear, but some of them hadn't been told. The day went so slowly it felt like time was going backwards! As it came to going home Rose went another way. She wanted to go to the shop. On the way out, I saw Bianca.
"Hey, you!" I shouted. "You were wrong."
"What?" Bianca asked, astounded.
"You said my sister was going out with my boyfriend. You were wrong. It's Brit that was. Maybe you want that for your little gossip crew." I said. Then I turned and flounced off. I felt good, standing up to her like that. She was full of herself and needed to be brought down a peg or two.
As I arrived home, I noticed the door ajar. Oh no. We haven't been burgled have we?? I ran inside and went into to the kitchen door. Someone was in there. I opened the door. I saw Rose coming into the kitchen through the back. She wasn't looking. She must have seen something in the garden. I didn't see who it was, but I saw a gun. There was a loud crack, like an explosion. Then silence.


I saw my sister on the floor covered in blood. I cried out in terror. I saw my ex boyfriend with a gun. He was a murderer. I couldn't believe it. A murderer. He had murdered my beautiful twin sister, and I hadn't even said sorry for falling out. I screamed in despair. And started to sob.
"Murderer! Murderer!" Its all I could say. I sobbed and I looked at him.
"No, it wasnt me. I came in, and found her. I just picked up the gun!" He started to babble. I shouted, "I don't believe you!" He turned and looked at me. He seemed to be desperate for attention.


My sweet sweet Cody. He had killed someone. My sister. I knew why, but I still couldn't accept it. It was like my heart had been ripped away.
"She destroyed my life. I have nothing left. NOTHING!"  He wailed. I stayed silent. "I have nothing left in life." He repeated. He started to cry, and looked at me. "Life is not worth living. I cant have you, I dont have Dana, my son will never know me. She made sure I knew that before she left." I could hardly hear him, but I knew what he was going to do. I reached out, desperate to stop him.
"NO!" I screamed. I was too late. He turned the gun on himself. Bang. In five minutes I had lost the only two people I had really loved. I couldnt speak, I couldnt move. My whole body was numb. I sat, silent for a few minuted, letting it all sink in. Then, trembling, I picked up the phone and phoned the police.
When they arrived I was still in shock. I was sitting, staring at my sisters limp body. Poor, poor Violet. The policewoman wanted to take me to the hospital, to be looked after. But I couldn't leave Vi. It was my fault she was dead. I started to sob.
The next thing I remember, my mum is there, hugging me, comforting me. She was sobbing too, but it was nice to have a warm body around me.

The next few days were a blur. Police came and went, my mum kept busy, and I walked around like a ghost. When the funeral day came I still hadn't came to my senses. I hadn't spoken in days. When we got to the church and I saw her lying in the coffin, looking so peaceful, with violets woven into her hair, and a beautiful purple silk dress it finally hit home. I broke down. Everyone tried to console me, as I sobbed, hanging onto her hand. No one could help though. Half of me had been ripped apart and nothing was ever going to replace it.
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