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Rated: ASR · Serial · Thriller/Suspense · #1227199
The power of Gems: if you dont know about it, dont try it!!


"Sir, I am telling you repeatedly, I am innocent……" Yograj was pleading but still in an authoritative way. The police have taken him to the police station.
"We will find that out Mr. Rana", the inspector said. Then he turned to his men, "take him to the cell"
"No", screamed Yograj, "Wait", he said to one of the policeman, "Let me talk to my lawyer…." he took out his cell phone from his pocket.
Inspector BansiDhar snatched the phone from his hands.
"Hey, what are you doing?" Yograj screamed.
"You cannot make any calls till the father of the girl arrives here"
"Are you mad? You cannot do this. Give me my phone back"
"Mr. Rana, go inside the cell."
"No, I won't"
"Mr. Rana..." Inspector's tone was now that of a warning.
"I said give me my phone back, you bastar…"
Inspector slapped him with a loud bang. Yograj fell on the ground.
"GET INSIDE THE CELL", Inspector said bitterly.
The policemen took him to the cell.

At the same time meanwhile, in another part of the city, near old Marriage Palace, 'Morgo Garage'; Devika parked her car outside the garage. She was holding a bag. She came out of the car and waited for the call of the blackmailer.
Suddenly her mobile rang.
"Hello", her hands were trembling.
"So you have reached here? Good. Now enter into the garage. You will see the instructions inside the garage but put your cell phone inside your car."
"What? Why?"
"Mobile phones are not allowed…."
Devika put her phone inside her car and then locked it. Somewhere in her head she sensed that she is going to be in great trouble this night.

She entered into the garage by opening the steel gates. It was an old garage but dark and desolated that time. There were ragged and old cars standing everywhere. Devika looked around for any further sign.
Suddenly the lights were switched on. Devika got a jolt.
She could see clearly now. It was a great hall filled with cars. On the wall in front, there was something written with red colour. Devika tried to see closely. It read:
She walked towards the wall. When she reached there, she looked to the left side. There was a corridor leading to somewhere. She was about to turn left when she heard someone from behind,
"Stop!" it was a female voice.
Devika turned back. She could see a young lady in her mid 20s. That was a tremendously beautiful face. Big eyes, sharp nose, long black hair. She was wearing jeans- T-shirt.
"Leave the bag here and go!" she said.
"But the direction says to turn left  ?" Devika said innocently
"But I say, leave the bag here and go!"
"But what about the photographs?"
"You will get them in your house"
"But you said..? No, I won't give you the money till you give me the photographs."
"You want me to get nasty?"
"But your boss said that he will give me the photographs"
"Your boss"
The girl moved forward and pulled out a gun from her pocket.
"One thing I want to make clear dear, I don't have a boss. I work for myself"
"Really?" a voice from behind said. Soon there was a man standing there.

He had big, enormous eyes, thick eyebrows, small nose and curly hair.
"If you don't have a boss, then who am I Maya?", he asked the beautiful girl. This girl was same whose dead body was found in Yograj's car and who was with Nimma at the same time.
Devika quickly recognized the voice. This was the man who called him. His name was Mayadhar.
"Mayadhar? What are you doing here? You told me to go and get the money", the girl named Maya said.
"So that you can betray me easily? No dear. I'm not a fool. And I don't trust you anymore"
"Then you better leave this place or else.." she pointed the gun towards Mayadhar with a wicked smile "…I will kill you"
Mayadhar was not afraid at all. He was simply smiling. Devika was watching all this drama with horrified wide eyes.
"I won't go from here, Maya"
"Then goodbye, Mayadhar" Maya was about to pull the trigger.
Suddenly, Mayadhar took out a knife and threw it towards Maya. The knife flew and was thrusted in her throat. Maya died instantaneously.

Devika watched all this with horror. She could see bloodstained dead body of Maya falling on to the floor. Mayadhar bent down and he took out his knife from Maya's throat.
Mayadhar wiped out the blood from the knife with his shirt. Then he gave a dead-eyed look to Devika.
"I am sorry Mrs. Vaishnav, I didn't wanted you to see all this, but…..", then he looked in a horrifying way, "But, but you have seen me killing her, don't you?"
"Don't. Don't worry… I won't tell anyone", her voice was trembling now. She knew her life was in danger.
"I wish I could trust you", Mayadhar said and pointed the knife towards her.
Devika quickly threw a bottle lying near her feet towards Mayadhar and ran towards the left corridor.

Meanwhile in other part of the city, in a house on the top of a hill, Nimma was making tea for his beautiful guest.
"You live here alone?", Maya asked.
"No family?"
"No. As far as I remember, I was never a part of any family. On a small dispute, I left my house at the age of 12 and I never looked back."
"And you are also unmarried. Aren't you?"
"Yeah, I never found a girl about whom I could say that she has been made for me….."
He came out of kitchen with a cup of tea, and handed it to Maya, who smiled and took the cup gently.
Nimma sat there besides Maya, staring at her beauty.
"Only this night, I saw someone……" Nimma could not complete his sentence.
There was a knock at the door.
Nimma looked at the door and asked loudly.
"Who is there?"
"Open the goddamn door, you son of a bitch!"
"It's it's my father-in-law", Maya said in a trembling voice.
"Don't worry, I'm here" Nimma consoled her and stood up to open the door.
He opened the door and could see a man standing outside.
He had big, enormous eyes, thick eyebrows, small nose and curly hair. He was a strong man.
"Who are you?" Nimma asked.
"My name is Mayadhar. I'm her father-in-law. Where is she?"
"She's safe and you cannot harm her till I'm here"
"You bastar…", Mayadhar tried to enter into the house but Nimma took out his gun and pointed it towards him.
Mayadhar was frightened. He took a few steps back and changed his tone.
"Er… You got serious man, I was joking man, just joking,  Er.. do you like her, do you?"
Nimma didn't spoke.
"All right, I don't have any objection. Please let me in. I won't harm her I promise" he said grinning.
"OK", Nimma said.
This was the same man who was chasing Devika at that time to kill her.
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