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Prologue to a different book
He had spoken out, and now he could not get out. Drug trafficking in the Country of New York had become more than evident- the govs were the salespeople, and he had said that the govs would have to pay. He was a “Disruptor of the Peace”, punishable by death. What the govs did, though, was much worse. They physically forced him to gut his own wife, and then they took away his only child, a two year old daughter. They had destroyed his life, and they made sure it would stay destroyed- the gov bastards revoked his passport to the country New Jersey. He was a branded enemy in New York, unable to hold a job, own land, or possess legal rights, status, and protections.

He was Alekz, and he lived in the 21st Century.

The exact year was unknown- the Christian Calendar was modified by the fundamentalists, and all scientific basing had been lost. Enough time had passed to have forgotten the date. The country called the United States of America had been irrevocably damaged- the liberals and the conservatives were just too at odds to live together. And so, it was split up into its fifty one states- Iraq being the fifty first. Iraq was a sort of neutral ground. The other countries were evenly split, liberal and conservative, with twenty five countries for both categories. In these countries, each former state formed their own government- their own “country”. Alliances, though, are commonplace. Otherwise, these countries would cease to exist on the physical map of the world.

Christianity was the only remaining religion in these fifty one countries. All records of any other religion were religiously destroyed, or at least kept hidden. However, one fringe group existed in New York. They were called by the government “Radicals”, and by themselves, “Jews”. The govs hid the existence of the Radicals from the general populace. Even Alekz was a Christian. He didn’t know of the Jews, though he would never turn into a canonical religious Jew. A secular one, though? was another question altogether…
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