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A lighthouse on an island in a lake inspires this short piece.
The old lighthouse stood on a tiny island in the middle of a wondrously picturesque cove. A strange place for a lighthouse with no rising tides or large merchant ships to guide safely home, just a few small pleasure crafts out for leisurely Sunday cruises. Some would say the lighthouse now decrepit with age and disrepair served no real purpose at all other than to pose a danger to trespassers. And still others argued to the beauty of its clean lines and red domed roof against the evening sky.

Many a young lovers had walked along the shore holding hands against the marvelous backdrop while discussing their life ambitions and goals. Many children had played along the sandy shores with imaginations full of pirate ships and buried treasures. And even more who had lost their way and were alone in the world had sat on park benches shivering against a cool evening breeze wondering if they would ever find their place in the world.

Many I am sure with the passing of time have returned to visit the lighthouse, which still stands if only just for one last time.

It was not an accident for God to place the lighthouse in such an unlikely place for nothing in this world is ever an accident, but it is rather Gods plan to have placed this wonder, which has witnessed such joy, sadness and glory, where it would serve its greatest purpose.

The lighthouse was placed just as we each are placed right where we are needed to be according to His plan, and when the time is right God himself reveals the purpose we are searching for. We cannot force it but rather must wait for His sign.

So in times of darkness, fear and loss remember to be a lighthouse, a beacon to God’s truth and word, to someone who needs to find their way home.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.
Psalms 119:105
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