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intense violent dark action thriller but apparently some people found this comedic.
From somewhere rock and roll came blasting down the lonely stretch of Arizona highway.
"Hand me one of those beers, man."
Jace Kilpatrick held out his open gloved  hand while he drove with his left.
Tom Mcpherson handed it to him from the riders side of the rusty red 76 Nova.
They drove on toward their destination. Their date with the devil.

It was gonna be one mother****ing hot day in arizona today.

Katie Immershickel walked into the dusty general store,
pearly smiling white teeth, and short black miniskirt riding a good inch up past her underwear.
She had big jutting tits and no brains to go with them.
She thought of herself as some sort of hometown supermodel diva.
"Hi!" *smile* She assumed the people in the store were glad to see her.
"And what will you have today, Miss Katie? A twelve pack of Diet Pepsi?" asked Mr. Welkinson, the friendly store owner and cashier.
"You read my mind, you sex machine!" Katie giggled.. going straight over to the cooler and sliding just that off of one shelf.

The license plate 'KILLU' pulled up in front of the general store.
"You got the gun?"
The Rolling Stones were drifing out the open windows as the car idled.
Tom McPherson's head lolled back on the car seat next to Jace.
He sighed and then took a long, deep breath. "Yeh...  yeah, i got it."
"Yeh, well try not to use it. keep a cool head, man."
Tom let cigarette smoke slip thru his teeth out the window. Out into the scorching july noon heat. "Come on, man, knock it off. I'm nervous enough."
Suddenly he had a strained look on his face.
"What's wrong?"
"oh, man....."
"I gotta piss."
Jace put his head on the wheel. "ahhh.. man.." He looked over at him. "I told you to go before we left the mcdonalds!"
"Sorry, I forgot."
Jace slid the loaded .45 automatic out from under the driver seat. "Yeh, well hurry up. I'll wait."
He checked the magazine quickly, then slammed it back in the handle again.
"Okay, " Tom said meekly, almost like a girl.
But then something ELSE happened.
Jace looked up in the rear view mirror. "Ah, sh*t..."
"Now what??"
"We got trouble."

The Sheriff's car cruised into the parking lot and slowly lurched it's way beside the unfamiliar '76 Nova to park.
Sheriff Brandton looked over at the two strange young men sitting in the vehicle.. then got out of his car and to go into the store to buy his day's case of Budweiser.
"F***in' *** bastard.." Jace smirked.
"What do we do?" asked Tom.
"Just wait it out. Go find somewhere to piss, man."

        To Be Continued (if requested)
    *under revision*  let Buick know if you like it.  let him know if you found it childish or accidentally comedic. 
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