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Women and today' world of women.
Women of today:

After three years, Aishwarya came back to her country. Her old friend Misha was waiting at the airport for her friend’s arrival. Misha came with Aishwarya’s parents and her brother Monty. The plain arrived. And after some time Aishwarya was seen coming towards her family and friends.
Misha: Look Aishwarya is coming this way.
Aishwarya: Hi all. How are you all.

(Aishwarya's parents hugged her. She took there blessings and then moved on to meet her friend.)

Misha: So you still remember me.
Aishwarya: how can I possibly forget you. And this must be your brother. Hello man! how are you.
Misha's Brother: I am fine madam. Allow me to pick your baggages.)

( They all came back home. Next day Aishwarya went to Misha's house.)

Misha: So.. how was your trip?
Aishwarya: The trip has changed my life. I met the girls of US and found that we are so backward. I dont mean backward in the sense of Customs and Conscious, as always been believed.
Misha: Yeah! I know what you will say now. The girls are too fast. They make boyfriends, go for parties and etc etc.
Aishwarya: NO. No. I did not mean that. They do have boyfriends and go out. And this is the same thing that happens in India.
Misha: Then what is new about them. May be there fashion and clothes.
Aishwarya: Wrong again. Its not about fashion statement or clothes.
Misha: Then what?
Aishwarya: When I went from here I was so worried about my new society. I have heard of spoil people around there. But it was not such. And more specific the girls. They are not anymore dependent on there parents. Instead they do jobs and feed there families. Girls study hard and make there future in the corporate world. They earn there own living. And like us, they dont think of getting married soon and then give birth to childrens and hear there Inlaws for life. They get married when they earn money by themself, so that after marriage husband's cant torture them for money. They are not ready to hear there inlaws, because they consider themself equal to man. Not only that Inlaws of a girl in that country does not have any time to meddle into the life of there kids. They have there own jobs waiting for them. All and all people live happy, they may be together or seperate. And the reason I found about there happiness was there busy schdule. Mother in law dont have time to find mistakes in her daughter in law. And money is just not a problem for a hard working girl.
Misha: I heard you carfully. What do you say? Its my engagement tonight. Should I marry or not?
Aishwarya: Ofcouse you should. But before that make every thing clear with your husband and his family. Also try to find a suitable job for you. This will make you ready for any time in the future and will also earn respect for you.
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