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Mystery short
Darcy was about to knock on the old wooded door when it silently swung open, "Hello, hello, anyone there? Her voice quivering. No answer.Darcy stuck her head in and looked around. Mostly all she saw was darkness, As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she noticed different shapes covered in sheets or at least what she thought were sheets. ~0~
She took a couple of steps into the entry room and stopped. She listened to hear anything. There was nothing but a deep silence.~1~
Darcy heard a voice coming from outside. She heard her name being called. ~2~
"Who is it?"~3~
"It's me Darcy, Mike." I saw your car parked in the driveway. What the hell are you doing up here? You are not supposed to come until tomorrow with the lawyer." ~4~
"I thought I would take a look around by myself first. Its not going to hurt anyone. Besides the old place is mine and I can take a look if I want to." "~5~
Yeah, you can but it's a little dangerous with what has been going on lately." ~6~
"What do you mean?" asked Darcy. I haven't heard of any problems." ~7~
"No, you wouldn't, you've been gone for a few years you have no idea what has been going on here."~8~
" Well are you going to tell me or are we going to stand here and play 20 questions? Darcy asked. Wait a mintue, what are you wearing, a uniform and badge, are you a rent a cop or something?" ~9~
"Yeah, I'm a deputy now in this not so little burg. That's why I stopped. I saw the car and at first I thought there were some kids playing around in here, but when I looked at the car I saw it was yours." ~10~
"How could you know it was my car Mike?" ~11~
"Rene called to tell me that you were back and what you rented. ~12~
Oh I see the old gossip line didn't die with out grandparents. I really don't need you here Mike and I resent it that you followed me up to the house." ~13~
"Hey you don't have to be bitchy about it. I was just concerned for your safety. There's been some weird shit going on lately, especially up here. People complaining about lights and noises and stuff. I don't think its safe for you to be here by yourself at night." I can take care of myself Mike. I sure as hell don't need you Mr. Deputy." " Look Darcy I am serious, its not safe here. The old house is falling apart, you could go through the floor, break a leg, whatever. It would be better for you to come back tomorrow and look around with the lawyer. As a matter of fact I insist that is what you do. I can't be responsible for you. You need to leave. Its not yours till you get the key in your hand, so come on and I will walk you to your car and" ~14~
"Fine Mike just fine I will leave, but I don't need you to walk me to the car or anyhting else. ~15~
You know, you haven't changed at all you are still as bossy as you were as a kid. Darcy walked out of the entry way, slammed the door and started walking down the path to the driveway and her car. Mike had to run a little to catch up with her. He grabbed her arm and swung her around to face him. Darcy could see the dull reddness in his face. A sign of anger that he hadn't lost and she remembered well. " For God's sake Darcy do you really think I'm just putting a show on for you? People have died up here. We haven't caught whoever did it yet. He or they could be in the house and you could be the next victim. Think about it, no one has lived here for the last five years. You don't know what could be in that house. Be smart for once and be careful.~16~
Mike let go of her arm and started down the driveway. Darcy stood there staring at his back. "Wait a minute Mike, who died, how did they die? What the hell happened up here? Mike stopped and turned his head to anwser her. Before he could say anything a scream rent the air.~17~


Mike and Darcy started looking around, waiting for another scream or some sort of sound to give them a hint in which direction to go. There was just a deep silence. Mike turned to Darcy and said "I bet its one of those birds, you know the ones that screech, just like a human scream."~19~
"You think? Maybe we should just take a look around and make sure." ~20~
"No" Mike said, I don't think that would be a good idea. Let me walk you to the car and call this in on my radio and get some backup. It might mean something."~21~
Mike took Darcy's arm again and started leading her to the car. Just then a large bird swoped down and picked up something that was in their path. "Ooh Darcy sucked in her breath and then let it out, "that was something I wasn't exptecting." Mike Laughed and pointed up to the tall tree on the side of the house. "I guess you have house guests who are going to be staying a while. I can see the nest from here. He shined his flashlight on the high branch for Darcy to see. ~22~
"I guess you're right, what a surprise for a first night back." At least there is some life still going on in this old place."Mike looked at Darcy and said, That would be something since there has been nothing since you left." Hey here's your car. Get in buckle up so I don't have to give you a ticket" he said with a smile, and get yourself to the hotel. You are staying at the old hotel, right?" ~23~
"Yes that is where I am staying and I always buckle up Mr. Cop. But I want to know what you meant about someone getting killed here. ~24~

"There has been a lot of strange things going on since your uncle died, Darcy. Look I'm off in the morning, why don't I pick you up for breakfast and I will tell you what I can. Sound Good?"~25~
Sure Mike, that sounds good but I am going to be wondering all night long about whats been going on here?"
Don't worry about that, Mrs. Hinkle is still at the hotel. I'm sure she will fill you in on all the bloodcurdling details of what is going on. Just take everything with a big grain of salt and I will give you the story tomorrow. Nine AM OK?"
"Yeah sure nine is fine. Mike? Anyone I know?
"I don't think so. Some new people rented the house for a while and there were some problems. Look, I really don't want to go into it here and now. Get yourself to the hotel and get a good nights sleep.  There's a lot of paperwork and the funeral to get though in the next few days. The radio on Mike's shoulder started going off. Mike listened to the message and told Darcy he had to go on a call. he got into the police car backed out of the driveway and waited for Darcy to do the same.

He waited as Darcy's car turned the corner. As he watched her taillights turn another cop car drove up behind his.


Steve Rawlings got out of his car and walked up to where Mike was. "Hey, what's going on? Who was that leaving just now/"
"Hey Steve. That was Darcy Plimpton, the new owner of the house."
"Lucky her, I wouldn't want her repair bills.  So what's up? Spookies getting to you or did you find another body up here?"
"Not funny Steve. I don't know, I'm getting this wild vibe from this place. I sent Darcy off because I don't want her around in case we find anything."
You knew her when you were kids, right?"
I got to tell you Steve, that woman scares me just a little bit. I found her going into the house, she's lucky I was driving by. You never know what you may find in there. Talking of finding something I think we should take a walk through. She said the door was open when she got here."
"I know what you mean Mike. Last time we were through there we found those three bodies. Man what a mess.
We never did get any ID's on them did we?"
"No, we didn't. Nothing in missing persons either. At least not the last time I checked."
"Lets get this over with, OK the shift is almost over and I got a sweet woman waiting at home for me."
"Yeah, you sure do and how many kids now? Nine, Ten? Mike laughed.
"Not yet, said Steve, but I am working on it.

The two men started up the stairs and entered the house. From outside you could see the play of the flashlights as they swung around looking in corners and into the main rooms.
Then all went quiet and dark.

To be con't in Part 2.

Darcy continued on her way to her hotel. Mike had a bee up his ass tonight. You would think that after all this time he would be more happy to see her and not so worried about her going into the house.

As a matter of fact, why was the house unlocked?  What did Mike mean that people had died? So many questions and no answers. The lawyer hadn't mentioned anything in his letter about other people dying.
I don't think I will continue with this one. I want to write a book and will have to upgrade before I can do that.
So if anyone reads this
1. does it flow
2.does it make sense
3.is it worth saving?
Thanks all
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