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This series is about two girls that get seperated during the summer.


Dear Jasmine,
Hi, remember me it's your best friend, Rebecca I've been trying to write you but you've haven't been riding back! Oh, yeah. Here at home is fine. How is it going at camp? I hope the bugs aren't abusing you too bad. My mom said we could send bug repellant if you want us to. But I don't know, your probably having too much fun to write me back. Well, mom is getting married to Luke on July 8. Today is June 18, please help me! Remember what I told you before you left. Well, I still having second thoughts.
PS: Write back,now!!!
With roses that make you smell nice,
Rebecca K.

Rebecca signed her name and placed the letter in her new zebra print envelopes and licked it shut. She hoped finally this message would get to her friend Jasmine. The two girls had grew in NewYork and every summer they would never split. Until, Jasmine's father forced her to go to camp while he when to Brazil with Jasmine's mother for their anniversary. Rebecca laughed as she remember the day Jasmine rushed over to her house and told her the horrible news.
"Rebecca! Guess what, I'm going to a desert filled with kids and bug juice!" Jasmine screamed.
Rebecca shook her head and understood right anyway what her friend was taking about.
"You mean CAMP?" Rebecca said, she made sure she screamed camp so her mother would hear her and send her too.
"Yes, I mean camp, dad and mom are sending me so I don't ruin their lives." Jasmine picked up Rebecca's photo of Jasmine and threw across the room.
"CLLAASSSHH!" the picture frame went craking into a millon a little pieces.
"Oh...Jasmine I know your upset but don't take it out on you." This made both of the girls laugh.
"No, really, Rebecca I don't wanna be sent to jail," Jasmine said getting serious once again.
"I know but this is for your parents, didn't you tell me that they're honeymoon is this Friday?" Jasmine looked at her friend then at her cracked face on the floor and cried into her friend's blue blouse. Rebecca started to cry as well in fear of loosing her bestfriend to someone at camp.
Right on the day Jasmine left Rebecca had to let her know how she felt about Luke. Her-soon-to-be-father.
"Jasmine, you don't have it hard, I do. Staying here with Luke and my mom. It's not so fun when you're always left out of stuff, they go out everywhere and leave me home. I just want to say before you go, to write me everyday and don't forget. Promise?" Rebecca said as she knew her friend would agree.
The girls hugged and gave eachother flower bestfriend bracelets. As Rebecca watched the blue van dift farther and farther away she could feel the tears coming...but none came. Not even one.

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