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ever wondered how terrorism affects poorer countries? or what we can do about it?
Terrorism has hit the world. It doesn't matter if you are in the US or UK or a 'third world country', no one is safe. However, terrorism came into the limelight only after the 9/11 attacks. It was then that President Bush woke up and smelt the smoke. Smaller countries like India, Pakistan and others in Asia and Africa have been trying to direct the attention of the superpowers to this problem for ages, as they neither have the money, technology or intelligence sources to tackle terrorism. It is indeed sad that it took a 9/11 before the world sat up and took notice. However, very few still know how violence has affected culturally diverse countries like India.
Countries like India have been melting pot of traditions and cultures for centuries, and have celebrated this diversity with pride and joy like no other country. However, in today’s world, the differences which have been celebrated are now a cause of tension and friction between communities.

Terrorism threatens to rob every child of a secure future, every country of her freedom, every person of peace of mind. If terrorist strikes leave thousands killed and wounded, the threat of strikes keep millions around the world caged in fear, doubt and suspicion.
As witnesses to innumerable wars, we, the youth, could fake innocence and turn a blind eye to the facts. Or we could ensure a future for themselves, a future free from the fear and suspicion which has paralyzed the world today.
We need to wage our own war against terrorism. The time is now, and the weapon in our hands - education.
School is the first door to the outside world. This crucial period decides who we become as individuals and as citizens of our country. In school, we sit, eat, share and compete with students of different castes and religions. It is in school that we develop tolerance and sensitivity towards the diverse communities in our country. Respecting and accepting differences ensure that we shed all prejudices and become one as Humans. Terrorism feeds on insecurities and differences between communities. By resolving these differences and standing united, we leave terrorists with no weapon to fight with.
Let us, as students, give ourselves the best gift possible, a future free from war, free from suspicion and fear.

To remind us of our goal are the words of Rabindranath Tagore of the India he envisioned.
‘Where the mind is without fear,
… Where the world has not been broken up
Into fragments by narrow domestic walls;
… Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake!’
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