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by Jorvan
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This is about a lowly vine unknowingly serving a grander purpose in the scheme of life.
I am nothing, Lord

What makes you say that?

Look at me, I can’t grow as tall and as proud as those trees, I can’t grow as beautifully as those flowers.  I’m just lying down here and for some reason I can’t grow!

Why don’t you try reaching out to me?  I’m so close, I’m here, all you have to do is reach out.

Reach out to where?  You seem so far and I am so weak.  What you’re asking for is impossible.  And besides, if I manage to do what You asked, would I be like the mighty oak or the pretty daffodil?

You will be who you are, my precious vine

What would that be?

You’ll never know until you try.

The small, helpless vine, feebly reached out, without knowing where or to what until he felt the roughness of a wooden pole’s bark. 

I did it!

I know, and I’m proud of you for trying.  Now, rest, my precious vine.

Rest?  But I thought I’ll be somebody when I do what You asked me to?  How can I be that if I’m resting?

Just leave everything to me.  Just trust me.  And believe.

Whatever you say, Lord.

He did as he was told. 

Soon after, he felt himself spreading upwards.  He’s finally starting to grow!  But the answer as to what purpose still eludes him until one day, he heard voices from somewhere below.  He looked down and was astounded at how high he has climbed without even realizing it.

“…no mistake.  This is the same cross where Christ died.  It used to be smeared with His blood but now,”

The voice droned on but the vine’s ears were buzzing.  He was given a chance to live where the Lord has died. 

I don’t deserve this, Lord

What makes you say that?

Because I’m a nobody.

You became as strong in my eyes as the mighty oaks, as pretty as the daffodils, and even more precious than the two of them combined because you trusted me, because you BELIEVE.
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