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My observations on war
The lines are drawn on the battlefield
Each warrior readies the steel he'll wield
No time to think, no time to feel
For the battle now begins.

Arrows arch into the sky
Dependent on the archers eye
And as they fall brave warriors die
For the battle has begun.

On the field two lines do clash
And like a wounded snake they thrash
As warriors hack and kill and slash
Beneath the blinding sun.

The din rings out from the clash of steel
Bones are crushed beneath chariot wheels
And no man thinks on what the other feels
Dark death is in the wind.

The battle rages back and forth
A cold wind moves in from the north
As each man measures his own worth
Yet still more men must die.

On the field the battle rages
This battle fought despite the sages
And each man pays for his sins wages
As they struggle near to night.

Finally the battle's won
The losing side is on the run
The victors stand 'neath a blood red sun
At last they'll have some rest.

But one thing most men do not see
Is the battle's hero sinking to one knee
Aghast at all the death he sees
And crying like a babe.
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