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The story of a man who tries to please his family, but makes an error in judgement.
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In honor of Alfred Hitchcock Day, write a STORY or POEM using ALL of the following titles of Hitchcock movies (please put them in bold or color). You can use them in any order, just make sure you use all of them (but do not use them as movie titles - use them as naturally occurring parts of your story or poem - such as "I looked through the rear window of the car and watched my childhood home disappear").

North by Northwest
The Birds
The Man Who Knew Too Much
Shadow of a Doubt
Rear Window

The man who knew too much was a genius in the science lab, but at home he was naïve and wet behind the ears as no one could ever guess. He could barely cook an egg without help. At the lab he was known as Doc Sci as he was brilliant at decoding the genetic code of cells. He was beyond a shadow of a doubt the most accomplished man in his field.

One day he looked out the window and saw the birds and it gave him an idea. He wanted to be the best he could be at home. He thought if he could find a bird’s nest and bring it home that would tickle the kids pink. He left the lab and went out looking in the bushes for the birds. He gently pushed back the branches of the hedges looking for his prize. Little did he know that if he looked a bit lower, there was a nest nestled in between the leaves below. Doc Sci was clumsy and fell into a pit below the hedges. As he picked himself up he saw the straw strands of a nest. In the nest were eggs, but no bird. He took his hands and cupped them, gently picking up the nest. He stood up slowly to steady himself. It was as if he were the parent of these blue speckled eggs.  He carried them gently to his car and put them in the rear window where the sun would keep them warm.

He went back into the lab to finish his experiment, which took a little over an hour. He was antsy to get back home to show his family the prize. He got in the car and drove north to northwest heading home. He decided to stop on the way and pick up a bottle of wine for the Mrs. to celebrate his true find. When he reached Cackle Drive, he turned right and pulled in front of his home.  He grabbed the bottle of wine and then went into the back seat and picked up the nest from the rear window of the car, again cupping it in his hands. He closed the door of the car with his rear end and held the bottle of wine under his arm pit. He went up to the house and rang the doorbell. His 8-year-old daughter opened the door. “Daddy what do you got with you?” He was happy that she noticed. She ran down the hall yelling, “Daddy’s got a nest with eggs.”  His 10-year-old son was not impressed and neither was his wife. He carefully put the nest down on the window’s ledge in the kitchen. “See what I brought you.”

“That’s nice dear. What are you going to do with those eggs?”

“We’ll hatch them and take care of them until they are ready to fly.”

“How long do you suppose that will be?”

“A few weeks maybe. I am not really sure.”

Angela came up to Daddy with one of the eggs and asked him why the egg was so heavy? He said, “Probably because there is a baby bird inside. Maybe it will be here sooner than I thought.”

Angela dropped the egg by accident and everyone cringed. The egg cracked, but nothing came out of the egg. His son picked up the egg and said, “Dad I didn’t think you knew how to cook an egg.” You see the egg was hard boiled. Everyone except Doc Sci was in tears, laughing so hard. Doc Sci just shook his head. He couldn’t seem to do anything right.

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