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by Pigeon
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A girl discovers a terrible secret about her boyfriend, but how will she react?
Chapter I

“It was an accident! I didn’t mean for him to die!” I screamed, as I was dragged away to my lawyer.
“Melissa! You admitted to being there when he died! You said you pushed him!” A young police officer shouted back. She was young. About thirty years old maybe. Much younger than the other officers here.
“I pushed him AWAY, not off the balcony!” I wanted them to listen, they weren’t listening. No one ever listened. As we entered the cold, stone room where my lawyer was waiting, he police officer left me, and closed the door with a click. I looked around. There was only one person. I could tell him, couldn’t I? If I told him, then I would feel less guilty, and he wouldn’t tell the court what I say. His job is to get me off, after all. He beckoned for me to take a seat in the soft, plushy chair. As I sat down, I noticed a mug of hot chocolate in front of me. Hot, chocolaty goodness. My mouth started to water, I hadn’t eaten or drank anything since the accident. I eagerly grabbed at the mug and raised it to my lips. I drank three long, large mouthfuls, when I a sudden thought hit me. This wasn’t normal. Surely they don’t give hot chocolates and plushy chairs to murder suspects! It was fake, all of it was fake. They were trying to get a confession out of me. Well, I wasn’t going to fall for it and confess to something I didn’t do! I put the mug down, and changed seats to the cold, hard chair beside it.
“Melissa, I think you should start from the beginning.” The lawyer said. Jake Daniels. The worst lawyer I’ve ever seen. Because of him, my mother served almost two years in prison when I was four for stealing jewellery. I don’t believe she did it. She wasn’t capable of it. I'm sure of that. He should have gotten her off with a lighter sentence. No, he should have got her no sentence at all. I wasn’t going to tell him anything. I was going to keep my mouth shut.
“Ok, so let’s play a game. We say our name, age and why we are here. Ill start, I’m Jake Daniels. I am forty-two, and I am here because I want to get you a lighter prison sentence.” He said matter of factly.
“I’m Melissa Morgan. I’m fifteen. I’m here because I have been accused of murder. I HAVENT MURDERED ANYONE!!!!” I screamed at him.
“OK OK! Let’s move on. What happened?” He said, eyes gleaming with hope. I kept quiet. I wasn’t talking to an idiot. “FOR GODS SAKE MELISSA! Look at you! You’re a mess; you need to get this guilt off your shoulders!” He Roared.
That statement shocked me, and I looked at the reflection of my face in the mug. He was right, I was a mess. My face looked gaunt and shallow, and my eyes were dull, almost grey, and had lost their sparkle. My hair. My poor hair. It was a matted clump of dull, lifeless dirty blonde hair. It was suddenly so clear why I was about to be charged as a murderer. I looked like a mad woman, the sort that thinks the world is out to get her. I looked like I could kill. When my mum got out of jail, she told me that the jury base there decision on your looks. I didn’t think this was true, but the more I learn about the so called ‘justice’ system, the more I think it could be true.
I looked like a murderer; I was going to be charged as a murderer. There was no point in life anymore. Everyone hates me. My parents, the people at school, his parents. Every one loved Jamie. But me? I was an outcast now. People would hate me until I died.
Oh God, what if people tried to kill me? You know what some people think. An eye for an eye. A life for a life.
“I’m going to die aren’t I? People will want me dead. People will think I deserve dying. People think I’m a liar. I’m not a liar!” I sobbed. I’m such a liar. Isn’t lying a sin? What should I say now? Forgive me god for I have sinned? If lying isn’t, murder most certainly is. “I’m going to die”.
“No, you aren’t Melissa. That’s just paranoia. No one will kill you. They won’t get a chance!”
“Ok. I’m ready to talk”
“Pardon?” Jake asked, seeming surprised.
“I’m ready. Ill talk. Ill never get off for this. I may as well tell you what happened.”
I tucked my hair behind my ears, and a single, silent tear fell down my cheek. I wasn’t going to miss anything out. I could tell him everything. He wouldn’t say anything, would he? I could make my guilt go away. Every time I close my eyes, I see him, lying, dead. His own eyes staring back at me, cold and unforgiving. If I confess maybe that would go away. That’s decided. I tell him everything. Why I did it. Why he’s dead. Why I killed him.

Chapter II

“It was all going so well. I know that sounds corny, but my life was sweet. We, that’s me and my mum, had moved from our tiny flat into a big, old house, and Jamie was my neighbour. He was the first one to come and welcome us, and I liked the rest of my street. I started school the Monday after we moved in, and loved it.
“ I made a lot of friends at school, Jamie was one of them, but I made one really good friend, called Amie. She told me that nearly every girl had a crush on Jamie, but she said that she fancied Todd, which made me happier. I don’t know why, but it did.
“Anyway, a few months later, at Amie’s fifteenth birthday party, Jamie asked me out. I was thrilled! He said all the other girls tried too hard, and wore too much make up, and that I was laid back, and cool.
“Jamie started hanging around with me and Amie a lot more, and for some reason Amie didn’t like it. She got nervous whenever he was around, so he gave up, and left us. In was really angry.
‘Why are you so mean to him? Are you jealous or something?’ I shouted at her.
‘Certainly not!’ She retorted, while looking at her feet.
‘Then why are you so nasty to him?’ I screamed back. I was really angry with her, but her answer confused me;
‘You’ll see’ she whispered as she left.”

Chapter III

“We got the letter about the trip in February, and the trip was in May. It was all the way to Inverness. I had made up with Amie, and had decided to sit between her and Jamie at the back of the coach. She wasn’t too happy about it, but she sat by me anyway. She said it might be okay, seeing as Todd was sitting beside Jamie, and they would probably talk all the way there.
“It was really fun, the trip there. Amie and I sat reading our magazines to each other, and we decided to look at our horoscopes. I think there could be something in them,, but Amie said they were rubbish. Just a quick way of making money.
‘I don’t understand all these Hippy-dippy types. I mean, how can he stars tell us what our life will hold. Here, whats your horoscope?’ She asked me.
‘I’m Sagitarius’ I told her. She put on a fake psychic womans voice, which sounded like Dracula.
‘Vou vill vuncover a secret about a seemingly close fvend. Vou vill make some mad decisions, that vou may later regret.’ And she fell about laughing.
“I looked at her, wondering whether there was a secret she was holding back from me. But then I joined in the laughing too. Amie would never keep an important secret from me.
“About quarter of an hour away from Inverness, Jamie put his arm around my shoulder. This made Amie angry, I think, because she stood up.
“I grabbed her arm, ‘Where are you going?’ I hissed.
‘Away from HIM, she nodded towards Jamie. I wasn’t going to argue, so I let her go.”
“How was she at the hotel?” Jake asked.
“Oh, she had calmed down. It was late, so we went straight to our rooms. I wanted to get some sleep, so we went to bed straight away. I woke about an hour later to hear Amy rustling around.
‘Amie?’ I asked.
‘Oh, Yeah, I um… cant sleep. And Im cold.’ I switched my torch on, and saw her fully clothed. I laughed.
‘You must be very cold. Well, Im awake now. Lets tell ghost stories.’ I flipped the torch to under my chin, and stuck my teeth out. Amie laughed, uneasily. She hesitated a little bit, but agreed. We spent about ten minutes telling ghost stories, then we turned to truth or dare.
‘I pick truth’ I said, laughing.
‘Ok’ Amie said. ‘Whats your most embarrassing moment, EVER?’ She giggled. We went on talking for a few minutes, when she picked truth. This was my chance.
‘Whats up with you and Jamie. The truth this time.’ I said. Suddenly Amie stopped laughing.
‘If I tell you, you have to promise not to get mad’ She said, quietly. I thought, what could make me angry? Id be much happier than when I didn’t know.
‘I promise.’
Amie took a deep breath. ‘Jamie has been seeing me behind your back.I was going to meet him before,, when you woke up.’ This knocked the air out of my chest, and I struggled to get my breath back.
‘W-what? No!’ I suddenly started shouting without realising it. ‘HOW COULD YOU! YOURE MEANT TO BE MY FRIEND!’ I picked up a lamp and threw it across the room. I knew someone would come soon enough, so I had to do it quickly.”

Chapter IV

“’Jamie’, I hissed through his door. ‘JAMIE!’
‘Im coming, babe, hold on. What took you so long?’ He opened the door, fully clothed. ‘Oh, its you.’
‘What do you mean its me! Who else do you call babe’ I laughed, pretending to suspect nothing.
‘Oh, nothing, I was just joking’ He started to laugh too.
‘Will you come for a walk to the balcony? I don’t feel too good. My insides are churning, I need air’ This was partly true, I felt like I was going to be sick, thinking about them, together, kissing. Tears came to my eyes.
‘Oh, ‘Liss, you look bad, of course Ill come.’ I smiled as he said this, and pretended to be thankful.
“When we went out, I locked the door behind me. I went to the balcony, leaned over a little bit, and took a long, deep breath. I looked down. Oddly, I was petrified of heights, but here I was, four floors up, leaning over a balcony, which didn’t look very stable. I decided to get it over with quickly.
‘Are you seeing Amie?’ I said quickly, and quietly.
‘What? Of course not.’ He smiled, trying to act cool.
‘Don’t lie! Amie told me!’
‘What? She told me she wouldn’t tell you!’ he snarled.
‘So you admit it?’ I said, a tear rolling down my cheek. He sighed.
‘Yeah, I did, Im sorry.’ Too late for that, I thought. Blinded by my anguish, and my tears, I ran forward and pushed him, hard. He stumbled backwards, falling against the balcony, which broke. I watched with no emotion, as he fell the four floors, and hit the concrete with a thud. I stood looking for a few minutes, with the wind blowing in my hair, and my face stained with tears. Eventually I came to my senses, and broke down, sobbing against the half broken balcony. But then I thought, why am I crying. It was his fault. He deserved it. In the back of my mind, I knew what I was doing. I hurried down to him, and sat by the corpse until morning, when we were found.”
“Melissa” Jake was saying, but I couldn’t concentrate, I saw his eyes, cold, unforgiving, staring at me, while I thought about how he deserved it. A smile crept to my face.
Jake was saying something like “Melissa! Why are you smiling! You could get life for this. And you know what? I didn’t care. I killed him, so what. It was his fault. He deserved it. I vagley remember Jake saying that I could get out of prison, but only into a mental home, with a plea of insanity. I started laughing, louder and louder. Jake shook his head, as I shuddered with laughter. He left the room, without saying good bye. I was still laughing. He still doesn’t understand why, but I do. They hadn’t found Amie’s body. Yet.
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