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India woman engaged to an India Prince she hasn't met but her heart belongs to another.
Marina loved living in Bangladesh, India but she was unhappy. She was marrying a India Prince but she loved a man named Sajid. She loved Sajid with all her heart and she wanted to marry him, not some India Prince! She only knew that the Prince's name was Rapoul and he was around her age of eighteen years. Marina sighed. She was on her way to meet her lover Sajid who trained elephants and took care of them for a living. She was going to see him for the last time. She and Sajid were so much in love. She would die if she couldn't hug and kiss him ever again. Tomorrow was her wedding day. She fought back tears as Sajid approached her riding Raquel, his favorite elephant. Marina ran up to the elephant and petted and hugged her. Such a beautiful beast. Raquel rubbed her trunk against Marina's cheek. She loved Sajid's elephant friends especially Raquel. Sajid got off the elephant and Marina sighed. He was so handsome. He loved his job. Marina's family had gotten rich off India tea and coffee and her father was like an Ambassador and he had a fancy mansion for his family. If Marina refused to marry Rapoul, her parents would disown her. She had been meeting with Sajid secretly for quite a few months. This would be their last time together.

Marina and Sajid ran to his tent holding hands. They hugged and kissed each other passionately inside the tent.

"Oh, Sajid, I can't marry Rapoul. You are the one that I love with all my heart!" Marina's beautiful eyes glistened with tears.

Sajid wiped her tears away. Marina looked so beautiful wearing her green jumpsuit today. If only he could tell her his secret but she would find out tomorrow and hopefully forgive him and find happiness with Rapoul. "Marina, Darling, I love you very much and always will. I will miss you and love you forever but loving an elephant trainer is forbidden. Rapoul will make you happy in time. You must forget me and move on with Rapoul who marries you tomorrow. He will love you and he is a lucky man."

"I love you, Sajid! Surely, you don't want me to marry Rapoul! You can give me up and forget me?" Marina was crying and Sajid kissed her cheek.

"I can't give you up easily but I have to. We knew this day was coming. Your heart will heal and I will love you forever. Your parents want you to marry Rapoul. If I interfer with that, I would be killed and you would be disowned. Life is so unfair, my love. Please walk away now before I change my mind. You have to marry Rapoul Good Bye, my love." Sajid kissed Marina and sadly walked away but Marina ran after him. Just then Marina's brother Ahlie ran into the tent. "Marina, let him go. You know you are marrying Rapoul tomorrow!"

Marina lifted her hand to slap Ahlie but he held her in his arms. "Baby sister, I love you but you have to marry Rapoul." He knew Sajid's secret but couldn't tell Marina. She was crying so hard. She felt her life was over.

The next morning arrived and Marina got out of bed as the maids dressed her for her wedding.Her heart was broken and she was so sad. Her parents living room was decorated with red, purple and blue flowers along with ribbons to match and there were tables outside loaded with food. The furniture was made out of expensive oak wood. The guests were outside and Marina was all dressed in turquoise and her father Mohammel was ready to walk his beloved little Princess down the red carpet. Marina didn't see a groom and she was hoping that he wouldn't show.

All of a sudden, Sajid arrived riding Raquel! Marina's heart went to her stomach. He was going to recue her! Was this a dream? The guards would kill him and Raquel! She couldn't let that happen! Marina was frozen in her tracks and her father smiled. She glanced at her mother Serafina and she was smiling, too. Mohammel turned to his daughter. "Marina, met Prince Rapoul. Your husband to be."

Marina was shocked. SAJID WAS PRINCE RAPOUL? The musicians started to play and Sajid got off Raquel and approached the canopy. Muhammel placed Marina's hand in Sajid's and kissed her cheek. Sajid kissed Marina's cheek, too.

Marina whispered. "Sajid, why didn't you tell me that you are Prince Rapoul? Why did you break my heart yesterday?

Sajid whispred back. "I wanted you to love me for me. If you knew I was Prince Rapoul, I was afraid that you would hate me. You seem to dislike high society people even though you are one. You are kind to everyone especially those who are less fortunate then us. You fell in love with me as a poor person so I know you can love me as your Prince and owner of the elephants that I care for. I love you with all my heart. Say, you will forgive me and still love me like Iove you with all my heart. I am your Prince Charming and we can live happily ever like the fairy tales you love so much. Will you marry me?"

Marina laughed. "Of course, I forgive you and love you. Yes, we can live happily ever. We are getting married. I couldn't be happier!" She had been whispering but she wasn't now.

The India minister cleared his throat. "Shall we begin?" He beamed from ear to ear.

Marina and Sajid said: "Yes!" in unison.

Marina and Prince Rapoul were married and lived happily ever like a fairy tale ending. They had three boys and a daughter. Marina laughed when she thoight of how she was engaged to a Prince that she thought that she hadn't met but she already knew and loved him. Fairy tales do come true and life could be good. It was for Marina and Sajid.
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