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A meditation on the Epiphany.
      "They there who were come together asked Him, saying:
        'wilt Thou at this time restore again the kingdom of Isreal?'"
        But He said to them: "Nope." and floated into Heaven on a
        cloud... Acts 1:1-11.

    "That's abandonment. I need some more tuna fish." I pondered.
"Pack down!" A loud voice snapped behind me. It was my boss,
  Pumpkin Head, but his head was on a goat's body.....My eye
  started to ache... "I'm hallucinating." muttered my inner voice.
  "Nope! I'm the Devil! Looser!" the goat man replied.
      "You look like my boss: Mr. Pumpkin Head." I stuttered..
  "But, that's a nice pink shirt." I smiled and sat back in my @LazyBoy
  chair.... "Ha! Mr. Pumpkin Head sold his soul to me decades ago."
  The goat man came closer to me... (Cough)"Could you stand back you
  stink like a wet dog....and keep that hairy junk down(cough)."
      "Well, I had something important to tell you, but I don't think I
  will now." snipped the goat-man turning away for the door....
  "Aren't you going to ask me?" the goat queried turning red-faced.
  "I don't care.' I smiled. "You lazy bastard!" he lowered his horns on his
  massive pumpkin head. "My mother was a bastard, that doesn't make
  me one," I smirked.
        " I hate hell now. It's full of stupid people!" the goat man stomped
  his cloven hooves. "Hey! Keep that crooked junk down... Geeze." I
  gasped for fresh air as the goat man's musk filled the room.
  "Listen to me!" Mr. Pumpkin Head shouted. I smiled and replied,
  "I don't care."  A sudden puff of smoke and he was gone.
        "Hmmmmmmm, I think I'll buy a bunny and let my cats play
  with it." I smiled and opened my windows and turned on the ceiling

  P.S. Take a peek at Telephone Boy in images.
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