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Rated: 13+ · Preface · Drama · #1233597
A poem about true love.
Love and life free of sin,
But at what price?

The huumiliation,
Taking all sin upon his shoulders.
Carrying the burden all alone
While others stared, poked, ponited, and laughed.
Forced to wear a crown of thorns.

The pain,
As muscles strain and tear under the heavy burden.
As bones and limbs bruise from the many falls,
Flesh tearing,
As the spikes pierce His hands and feet.

The suffering,
As His body hangs from the cross.
As His life lingers on, yet slowly diminishing in the ever blazing sun.

The redemption,
As the sky splits open,
The light shines upon Him.
And Heaven's doors open to welcome Him home.

Love and life free of sin,
But at what price??
He paid it.
Will you??
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