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by Ace
Rated: E · Poetry · Personal · #1233899
A small collection of my latest poetry. (Mostly romance)
  Pandora’s Box                 

By: Ace

They Bled
    Images and scenes flashed through his head,
  A beautiful angel,
  But her eyes they bled,
  And as she moved it was like a dance,
  And he found himself lost in a sort of trance,
  So he would walk for what seemed like miles,
  Just to get a glimpse of her broken smile,
  Years passes and still he watched,
  And saw every tear drop,
  Pale skin and amber locks,
  A sight you could drown in,
  And for some get lost,
  His love for her grew by the day,
  Yet still he could find nothing to say,
  He would watch her cry desperate and in pain,
  Lost in deep thought in the thundering rain,
  So many times he wanted to touch her,
  So many times had he been a coward,
  But at the sound of a song her words were smooth,
  “Who are you?” she asked,
  And the melody in her voice almost made him collapse,
  Just her beauty made his heart flop,
  But as she reached out to touch him,
  It stopped,
  As he was dying he was glad,
  For never again would he have to see his angel so sad,
  But he was selfish for he couldn’t see,
  That the angel had hoped they could be.

I close my eyes and still your there,
Your face is coated with a blank stare,
It’s the same look you gave me when you would lie,
The last I saw of you before you said goodbye,
And now I know I have to move on,
I must be strong,
But still its hard to turn back,
I’ve come to far for that,
Its hard to believe that this is real,
Its even worse to ignore how I feel,
I’ve felt this pain for far to long,
It seems my life has become a sad song,
However now I want to sing to a new melody,
So I will say goodbye,
And hope that I don’t die.

I wish you wouldn’t tell me,
I wish I didn’t see,
The pain,
This endless torture,
Is something I don’t need,
If I had to live my life in ignorance,
Just so I was free,
I wouldn’t worry about the consequence,
If you say you don’t love me,
I can’t take it anymore,
My heart aches and its sore,
I never thought this could happen to me,
I tried so hard to be free,
I know I can’t make you happy,
Or give you what you need,
So forget me,

When The Seasons Change Too Quickly

When the seasons change too quickly,
so do we,
When the flowers bloom too swiftly,
life is like the ever shifting sea,
When the waves are harsh and unforgiving,
the wind echos our final pleas,
When the seasons change too quickly,
so do we.

Suddenly my face is warm,
I feel the morning sun kiss my cheek,
I stretch my arms and touch the wet grass,
morning dew has rested gently on it,
opening my eyes I see the sky,
the sky,
so reassuring,
always knowing that it has to be there,
it has to be there,
just like I am here,
all day I could spend here looking at the endless sky,
and all day tomorrow too,
sometimes it seems almost possible to touch the sky,
to touch it even the slightest,
to come close,
but someday,
someday I know I’ll touch the sky,
it will be the same day I finally touch my dreams.

Fall here is again but you are not,
The woods we ran through are hard,
the lakes we swam in are cold,
the trees we climbed hold no comfort,
the songs we sang have no words,
where have you gone my-
brother, sister, father, mother,
my friend,
when you left you took with you this home we grew up in,
and this heart you taught to love.

Not a shape at all

Not a shape at all,
others walk,
and yet you crawl.

Damaged and broken you cry in pain,
hoping that you could be a shape too,
wishing you weren’t so plain.

Wanting the perfect lines the perfect sides,
loose yourself,
leave the old you behind.

Become what they want you to be,
become a shape too,
blind yourself so that you can’t see.

Hide the real you and pray they don’t find out,
keep to yourself,
Stay in your dream cloud.

But you know what’s true,
they’re starting to see,
now for sure the real you.

They leave you now as you bawl,
your not a shape at all.
© Copyright 2007 Ace (cityscape78 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1233899