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A pet peeve of mine.....
I find it very frustrating, in fact, it makes me nuts
When people fracture English-no ifs, no and(s) or buts!

For instance, take the word ‘impact,’
It used to be a noun and not a verb—
I find for something “to impact”
To be totally, completely, and utterly absurd!

It is stadium and stadia;
Medium and media!
Misused words creep into use
But I think it is language abuse!

Now that I’ve started, I’ll continue to rant
You want me to cease? I’m sorry; I can’t!

People who mix up hear and here
Should remember that hear contains an ear!
“It is” is shortened to “it’s”
The possessive has no apostrophe…gives me fits!

“Your” means it belongs to you,
“You’re” means you are, as in welcome! And “flue”
Is a chimney part, what “flew” is a fly.
“Your’s” isn’t a word at all, I cry!

There hear! I found they’re missing coats,
Their on the table over there’re.

Was that hard to read? The cross I bare….

They’re here! I found their missing coats,
They’re on the table over there.
Wasn’t that easier? Still, the cross I bear.

I found all of these errors in a wander today
And I think it is sad, I’m sorry to say!
“Who’s” means who is, as in Who’s going berserk?
“Whose” is ownership, as in, "Whose work?"

Spell checkers will not catch these words:
Relying on them is a two-edged sword!
I spell-checked this poem and wasn’t it cheery—
No spelling errors thus proving my theory!

Now I’ll grant you that English is tough
With words like though and cough and bluff.
But it’s like multiplication, just memorize
And then learn to proofread by using your eyes!

I wish in school these lessons they’d drum
Over and over with repetitive thrum.
Perhaps with the use of such percussion,
I wouldn’t be having this discussion!
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1234690