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by Ashley
Rated: E · Lyrics · Romance/Love · #1235365
I wrote this after falling in and out of a dream while on an airplane.
Life’s just a five-minute dream
Caught while reclining in the passenger seat
Of the flight I took to meet you in the morning.
I dreamed that you cared,
That you said you liked the way I wore my hair,
And outside, the skies had ceased their storming.

London beckoned sleepless nights,
And I obliged without a fight.
I’m over caffeinated by these thoughts that I am thinking.
The window reveals blackened skies
Sitting atop jeweled city lights,
And the man in 6-B keeps looking my way and winking.

I really hope I’m not arriving inside a lie,
And love is not a game we play just to pass the time,
And the passion in your lips is not a feeling that is fleeting.
I’ll cross my heart and hope to die,
There’ll be no need to stick a needle in my eye,
Cos these words are full of sincerity and meaning.

All these stars
I am looking at and just wondering
If they are
The same ones you’re looking at too.
I’ve come so far
Just to see your smile,
You have no idea
How much I have lamented these miles…

Or maybe you do.

High in the air,
I’m contemplating the landing gears,
And whether they’ll be touching down anywhere near your heart.
It’s not fair
That I feel so over-exposed and jaded,
Side airbags seem overrated as I fall apart.

While overlooking oceans, states, and skies,
Counting clouds as they go passing by,
My mind is wandering to places
Several hours ahead,
Retracing thoughts and conversations,
And every word you’ve ever said.

I was seduced into a restless sleep
Somewhere in between
The in-flight movie about a boy that loves a girl
And the sun surrendering her hold upon the world.
The captain interrupted with the time and a welcome
And, “You’ll be surprised to hear, it’s raining in London.”

I’m starting to doubt myself again,
Maybe I shouldn’t get off the plane,
Return on the next flight home,
Because denial is the best way I know
To deflect a severe case of disappointment,
But it’s the last flight of the night, and no one’s allowed to stay,
So I got off the plane,
And I heard you call my name,
And I think I’ll take the long way home
With you.
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