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Habits of those waking up in the morning, what gets them going, and keeps them going.
What are the secrets of the morning people?  How does a person literally "rise and shine"?  When examining the habits of a few different people, it does seem that every method or experience is a bit unique.  For one example person, no morning is complete without stepping into a hot, steamy shower.  "It seems to help wash the sleep right out of my head!  I don't smell the bed anymore.  Strange, huh?"

Another scenario comes from a fellow writer that I've known for years.  Before coffee, shower, or much anything else, that must hit their computer and do their first daily writing.  Apparently, that is the most creative time for that particular person. 

The last scenario is a close friend of the family, and this one is really and truly is a rise and shiner.  When woken up in the morning, eyes pop open, and their up ready to go.  Gone to work in fifteen minutes.  When asked how he does it, he simply replied, "That's how I've always been!"

So whether a person has a natural tendency to be up early and start their day, or if they have a special routine that helps them along their way, one answer was given by all three people questioned.  If someone has a hard time in the morning, what some good advice?  All three replied, "Get enough sleep."

One person even mentioned that when their morning routine gets a bit sluggish, not having the same effect it once did, she said to change it around.  "Do something different, take a quick walk, keep a bright light on, but what ever you do, getting enough sleep is the key."

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