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Short quip about the other piece of the Greenhouse Effect.
There appears to be more then just greenhouse gasses when it comes to global warming. The acceleration of warming trends in the last five years are due to a combination of the Earth's core, and trapped pollutants, increased by solar luminosity, which is also at the highest recorded at 6%. The problem is the core of the Earth works like a nuclear reactor. The heat that comes from this iron core and the spinning molten iron around it builds and releases at the surface, thus allowing a balance of temperature in the Earth. When the Earth cannot sufficiently release the heated energy pushed to the surface due to increased global temperature, the heated energy will continue to build. Now if this happens in a nuclear reactor, the results can be a meltdown. But, if this happens as being the same reaction as to what happens in a nuclear bomb, which has been found to be the case, the results will be devastating. Increased earthquakes, volcano eruptions that will be catastrophic, the mantle of the Earth literally ripping itself apart is what we have to look forward to. If were lucky, stratovolcanoes will erupt, blanketing the Earth's atmosphere and sending us into a frozen ice age close to the theorized "Snowball Earth" scenario, and the Earth will cool it's "reactor" quickly and stabilize, giving human kind a chance to start over, being more considerate of how we treat our Mother. Worst case, the Earth becomes the next asteroid belt in our solar system. If that isn't food for thought enough to work on stopping global warming, I am not sure what is. Unfortunately, we may already be too late. My advice, get a warm coat.
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