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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #1237543
Alex is possessed by 6 demons and needs an exorcism.
One day,19 year old Alex Barker sat in his house looking out the window. He said,"Mom,can i go outside?'' "Yes." mom said. Alex walks outside to find that he sees bugs on the car with a dead woman inside. Blood splatters on the window as the woman says,"Alex,live your life....go to back to school....get a good education!
I'm dying." "Please,don't go!" Alex says. He watched the woman die. Then,he wakes up. "That was a bad dream." he said. He wakes up and cries for about 3 hours. Then,his ant calls him. "Hi,Alex do you belive in God?" his ant said. His ant was always courious about him bleiving in god. "God is nothing! I like the devil and cain!" one of his demons says. Mom cries because she heard what Alex said to his ant. "Honey,thre's something wrong with Alex!" Ms.Barker said to Mr. Barker. "Call Father Johnson.We can arrange an exorcism." They called Father Johnson. Father Johnson said,"Can preform the exorcism next week." The next week,Alex was taken to Ohio for the exorcism. "Meow!"a cat said. It was really cloudy and crappy on that day. Then,thunder started to rumble and lighting started to flash. Father Johnson said,"I will try to make this exorcism successful. I don't want the boy to die." "I want to be UNLEASHED!" Alex's demon's scream. Father Johnson starts the exorcism right away. "Burn! Burn with THE DEVIL!" one of Alex's demons screams. Suddenly,the demons stop. Only for 3 minutes. The exorcism lasts an extra 3 hours. Suddenly,Alex's heart stops. The demons stop. "I'm sorry to say,but Mr and Ms. Barker,but your son is dead."Father Johnson says. "the exorcism has failed." he continues to say. "No,No,No,No, No!!!!!!!!!!! Why us?! Why do we have to suffer?!"Ms.Barker said. Then,Alex wakes up. He realizes that the exorcism,the whole thing was a dream. "That was a bad dream." Alex said. He runs to his mom. He asks his mom,"Mom,was that a dream?" His mom says,"Yes,Alex,that was a bad dream you had." "You mean the exorcism,the dead lady,that was a dream?"Alex asks. "Yes,Alex that was all a dream. Let's sign you up for school." mom says. "Whooho! I'm not possessed!" Alex says. That was a dream,but reality can strike back. What if he becomes possessed? What if he does get an exorcism? What if he does die from the exorcism? I guess we'll never know.
The End.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1237543