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by W.F.P.
Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Other · #1238310
This is just the start of a screen play. Think "Dazed and Confused" but set in today.
Opening scene shows a school hallway with students sitting around and talking. Camera moves onto
clock showing the time being 7:00. In the next shot it shows Chris walking out the front door to his house
and getting in the car with Charlie. In the car........

Chris: Yo dude.
Chris pulls out a pipe as Charlie drives away.
Chris:You got your nugs?
Charlie:Yeah, glove compartment.
Chris reaches into the glove compartment and pulls out a bag with a gram of marijuana in it. Chris then proceeds to
put the marijuana into the pipe. As he is putting marijuana in the pipe.
Charlie:You got a lighter right?
Shot of the car driving along a road in a neighborhood and then pulling over next to some bushes.
In the car
Chris:Yo can i get greens?
Charlie:Fuck no, it's my weed.
Chris: Aight, it was worth a shot(handing the pipe and a lighter to Charlie)
Then Charlie takes a hit from the pipe, then turns up the music, passes the pipe, and puts his head back. The camera
then closes up on the clock that says 7:15. Back at school Gary is standing at the lockers talking to Holly and next to them
is Tom, Jack, and Eric. Then a shot of Chris and Charlie in the school parking lot and Charlie puts eye drops in.
Charlie:You need drops?
Chris: Nah let's dip
Charlie:You goin to first?
Chris:I dunno
As Charlie and Chris are walking towards the door to school, Tom,Jack, and Eric walk out.
Tom:wuts up
Chris:Where you guys goin?
Tom:Hit some bowls
Eric:You can't come Chris.
Chris: Fuck you dude I dont feel like goin to class
Charlie:Yo i gotta go to class peace(walks into the school)
Jack:Peace dude.
Eric:Peace out.
Charlie:See ya. Anyways, I am coming.
Tom:Fine you can come.
Begin walking to the car and say as on their way....
Eric:Nah dude i already called it.
As getting into the car.....
Eric:Yo it's my nugs you got any loot?
Chris:Yeah, i have some.
Chris reaches in his pocket and pulls out a few crumpled up bills.He hands the money to Eric and then looks out the window.Eric counts the money as the car of boys drive away.In the car....
Eric:This is only three bucks
Chris:Man thats all I got.
Jack:Thats surprising(laughing)
Chris:(fake laughing)hahahaFuck You
Silence for a moment.
Jack:Yo we goin to your crib Tom?
Tom:Uhhhhh yeah.
Eric:Fuck yeah.
Tom turns up music and the shot shows the car driving along for a short period. Then the car pulls into the driveway of Tom's
house and all the boys get out and begin walking into the house.
Jack:Yo deuce
Tom:Fuck you guys
Eric:Tom don't worry i got you
The guys walk down the stairs to the basement and all proceed into the bathroom, closing the door behind them. Then the
camera shoots to school.
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