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by W.F.P.
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A poem/song I wrote

i cant seem to find what im lookin for
theres gotta be somethin for me
but yet im always lookin for more
i must be blind cuz i definitely cant see
whatever it is i gotta find it
cuz i cant take it anymore
i dunno how i got so far in this shit
no matter what i do theres always a settle to score
im gettin to the end of the line
and i dont know where to go from here
i need something give me a sign
cant see myself in a mirror
cuz i dont even no who i am
does anybody know what i should do
am i a stone or a jem
u tell me cuz im through
im finished wondering
im done with the games
i wanna live life not as an underling
i will be one of the big names
cuz i will never quit
no matter what is thrown my way
maybe its my time to wait and sit
but i will keep on livin every day
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