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a poem about what it is like to find your soulmate
this is dedicated to the man who touched my soul  W.L
and taught me the true meaning of a soulmate.

                      "  TILL THERE WAS YOU "
  I  never knew till there was you what it meant to touch a soul
to feel time and space stand still and suddenly know your role

that this person standing in front of you has the ability to make you whole.

with a single touch, a glance a deep connection that cant be denied is forged

your heart is caught and you cant walk away no  matter how hard you try.

Only you have this power to help me clearly see that you and I are meant tobe

you hold me in your heart as I hold you in mine

your hand seeks my hand and together we are locked in time.

for just one moment time stands still for you and me

and so begins loves amazing journey that will continue for eternity

once in your life you meet someone who touches your heart with love

but is the one who touches your soul., who can make you whole

who was sent from God above.

You can spend your whole life searching for this one person and it is no easy feat

  but if you believe and dream and hope then you will one day find that special

  soulmate who makes you feel complete.

                                            written by yvonne Feezle

                                              on October 15-06

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