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Very short article for a school magazine about tattoos
Article for a school magazine about tattoos

Wherever you find kids, you also find tattoos. And consequentially tattoos become a hot topic in every school all over the world. But what makes this type of body painting so attractive for younger people? In the following I want to discuss both sides of the medal to find objective and subjective reasons for and against tattoos.

First of all, we have to keep in mind that especially teenagers in puberty are looking for freedom and they always try to rebel against their parents. One good means of practicing their own will is, of course, to get a tattoo, since parents are in general against such a self-disfigurement, because, on the one hand, it could be an indicator for losing control over their own children and, on the other hand, for aesthetic reasons. Teens have the chance to portray their interior emotional world on their own body, which is very juicy for them.

However, tattoos are, of course, not only a sign of freedom; moreover, they can be a reminder of the past or even a souvenir. But be careful! If you tattoo the name of your boyfriend or girlfriend on a part of your body, you have to consider what deformation it would be, after your relationship broke into pieces!

A third point and nonetheless very important aspect is the health und medical factor. Since any tattoo is a type of operation, complications or inflammations during and after the process can occur. Of course, in the majority of the cases everything goes right, but if something goes wrong it can be really dangerous. Scarring and skin irritation don’t only feel unpleasing, in fact they look unaesthetic and disgusting. To restore the skin is very expensive and time-consuming.

As a short summary one could say that it is your own choice to get a tattoo, and so you must take on responsibility for your own body with all its risks.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1238617-Article-about-tattoos