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My husband and I finally get some long-awaited release while the kids are asleep.
It’s been a while since Chad and I have been able to have a little fun. We have two wonderful children, Aidan and Kara, ages 2 1/2 and 4. And like all children, they innocently know how to keep parents sexually frustrated no matter what. We work, pick up the kids, come home, have dinner, attend to the kids, and then try to find some bedroom time. Oh, I’d say that we get as far as taking our clothes off and a bit of foreplay, hoping that we’ll finally get our release. It never works, especially with Aidan, who loves to get out of bed and get into ours. So then I tried getting myself excited before getting to bed so that we could make a quickie, but Kara teams up with Aidan, and they demand I stay there with them until they sleep. It may take hours, and then I’m tired, and Chad is asleep by then. I don’t know why our kids don’t want us to be relaxed! Of course, we’ve had our times when we do finally make love, but we have to keep an ear out for the kids. Unfortunately, the last time that happened was a long time ago. Between career lives, Kara getting herself a new hobby in Dance class and Aidan just becoming a big boy, it’s become stressful for both of us. But I had to keep trying. I discovered late one night that Kara stays awake if Aidan isn’t asleep, so to test this out, I kept Kara up a while longer one day while I put Aidan down for the night. And as soon as I put Kara in the bed, she goes to sleep fairly fast. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do anything that night because I had to be up early the next morning. But tomorrow night, our schedule was clear.

I came home from work, bringing home Aidan from daycare. Kara was home, running into my open arms and screaming. Chad came out, picking Aidan up while Kara told me about her day. After a bit, I let her down and she went off to play. I walked into the bedroom, changing into some comfy mom clothes, shorts and a t-shirt, planning to prepare some dinner. Turned away from the door, I heard it close and I look to see my husband standing there. I got up and walked over to him, being lifted into his arms and kissed. Giggling, he put me down on the bed and got on top.

“Hey there.” I said.

“Hey.” He replied, kissing me again. “How are you?”

“I’m very, very good today. You?”
“Better. But I think we could be way more if we could find time…” he suggested, kissing down my neck. Running my fingers through his hair, I was going to love what I planned tonight.

“Good you mention that…I am definitely sure that we will have plenty of time tonight…” I said. His head popped up attentively, like I had said something bad. The expression of interest on his face was definitely memorable, his sexy blue eyes wide with excitement.

“And how?”
“Just trust me on this one. You’ll love it.”
“Mmm…I can’t wait,” he deeply said, passionately kissing me. I moaned a bit, a little turned on at the moment. Just as I had finished unbuttoning his shirt and baring his sexy chest, there was a knock on the door. We untangled ourselves and I put on my slippers, opening the door and finding Aidan. I closed the bedroom door behind myself, picking my son up and walking into the kitchen. I fixed the children a little snack and let them watch some TV while I got dinner together. I fixed some chicken and set the pan into the oven. After bending to close the oven door, strong arms wrapped around me. The smell of his cologne, as with every time, ripened my senses. I let out a sexy laugh and he kissed my neck. I gasped when his hands went up my shirt, caressing me and teasing my chest with faint fingertips.

“Baby…” I whispered. He kissed the other side of my neck.

“I’m sorry babe, I can’t help it. I keep thinking about all the things I want to do to you…”
“Ooh, me too honey. But we have to wait just a while longer.” I said, trying to stop myself from getting carried away.

“Damn…this is going to absolutely kill me. Did you grab the mail today?”
“Nope, I didn’t.”
“Good, I need something to keep my mind off.” He said, pulling his hands out of my shirt and heading out of view towards the front door. I took a deep breath, turned back to the food and continued cooking. About 45 minutes later, I set the table for dinner. We sat down and ate chicken, rice, and peas. Just as we started, my mind began wandering. I remembered the first time we made love…in this kitchen…well it certainly started there, anyway. I miss the way he feels; all around me…inside me…he drives me up a wall! I break my thoughts to find Kara saying, “Mommy?”

“I’m sorry sweetie, I was thinking about something.” I said, smiling and attending to her needs. After dinner, I cleaned up whilst Chad was bathing the kids. It was almost sleepy time for the children and I was anticipating an explosive night of passion! I went to the bedroom and changed into a black lingerie nightgown, throwing on a robe and slippers. I went into the basement and did a little laundry, getting the kids’ clothing ready for tomorrow. Bringing their clothes upstairs, I went into their bedroom, finding them dressed in pajamas. I set down their clothes and followed the routine as tested, sending Kara off to go read for 15 minutes. While I was catering to Aidan, Chad popped into the doorway. I looked up at him, admiring his sexy grin. I gave him a sexy smile back and he winked, walking off. Within the next 10 minutes, Aidan was off, and I sauntered into the living room to grab Kara, whom had already begun to nod off. I carried her into their bedroom, tucking her in and turning on the night-light and soothing music. I quietly exited the room and closed the door a bit, tiptoeing into our bedroom. He appeared to be in the bathroom, so I took off my robe, undid my hair, and posed sexy on the bed. He opened the door to find me there, looking up at him half naked in silk boxers.

“Come and get it.” I said, summoning him with my finger. He dimmed the lights and approached the bed, getting on top of me and kissing me hard. I ran my fingers up and down his toned torso, taking in every last muscle. Leaning down to kiss my neck, his body was pressed up against mine, feeling him rock hard. He pulls my lingerie up, over my head, and aside the bed. He massaged my breasts and I let out a sigh, feeling his mouth on my nipples. My pussy was tingling and creaming with excitement and lust under his control. He butterfly kissed down my stomach, his hands teasing my inner thighs. I quivered, wanting him even more. Finally, his tongue wrapped around my clit, and I let out a horny whimper. He pushed a finger inside of my tight wet hole, adding another and feeling myself contract around him.

“Fuck…you’re so tight…I can’t wait to feel myself inside you…”
“Mmm…me either…” I groaned, pinching my nipples. He sat up for a moment, bringing his fingers towards my mouth, and I licked and sucked them clean, savoring the sweet taste of myself. We kissed, our tongues battling one another in the name of ecstasy. He went back down, thrusting his tongue inside me. I threw my head back and ran my fingers through his hair again, feeling an orgasm coming on as gasps came flying from between my lips. Licking my clit very fast and fucking me with three fingers, I silently screamed in bliss as I came loose for the first time in a while. Taking a few breaths, he kissed up my body and it was his turn to feel good, straddling him. I kissed down his chest, dipping my tongue in his abs, one of my favorite things to do. I teased his straining erection with my fingers, hearing him take in a breath. I finally pulled them down, his 7-inch cock standing straight out. I licked my lips and then up the length. The tip of my tongue danced around the head, tasting his pre-cum. I then sank my lips over his dick, hearing his deep moans and being almost driven crazy by them. His hands fisted in my hair, trying to control himself. About a minute or so later, he pulled my head up by my hair.

“I’m sorry baby, but I have to have you now!” he said. I wanted to start off with my favorite position, so I straddled his lap and guided him inside me, both of us reacting greatly to this reunited sensation. His hands clamped around my hips as I began to ride him nice and slow. I began to massage my clit, smiling in the fact that I’m definitely making his toes curl. He pushed up hard to meet me slamming down harder, the noise of our skin echoing the room. I put my hands on his chest, leaning down to kiss him. I was ready for him to take control.

“Does that feel good baby?”
“So damn good.”
“Mmm…I want you to fuck me harder, Chad…” I urged and begged. He followed suit, getting back on top and following my command. I wrapped my arms around his neck, moaning to the wonderful feelings I was getting. He got up to a kneeling position, propping my legs over his shoulders, taking this lovemaking to a new level. He fucked me so hard…so deep…so good…that I began losing my mind. I moaned his name, along with other obscenities, tearing the sheets with my fingernails. He put one leg down, getting down and pumping deep. Feeling his unsteady breaths and hearing his satisfying groans so close to my ear made me pulse all over. He sucked on my neck and I reached down, clutching his tight ass in my hands. And at this time, I was feeling an orgasm coming on. My hands drew up his back, trying so hard not to scream, but I don’t think I could be quiet about it.

“Ohh…honey…right there…fuck yes…” I moaned really loud, my fingernails clamped into his back.

“Oh yeah baby, come to daddy…” he groaned, keeping that pace. He kissed me and that was it. I screamed, losing every sense in my body for a few seconds, clenching so hard around his cock and clamping my body so tight around him. Every violent wave shook me all over, eliciting sighs and moans of all volumes. He was right behind me, groaning just as loud, adding new warmth inside. Taking a few relaxing kisses, we didn’t move, and we hoped that the kids didn’t wake. Not hearing anything, I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him hard. He got down, holding me in his arms, and we lay there. Just as I got a little sleepy, I hear crying in the kids’ room. I let out a sigh. Well, at least I finally got to have some fun creepin’ around!
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