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I came out with this poem last summer.
(C) Alison McKenzie
Summer laughs its way
out the door, greeting
Fall as it goes, the latter
is met by us with smiles
and laughter, no tears or woes
ever to be found
on this dry abode
full of people waiting to
ease their load
and be loved and abound in love.
Winter will soon
whisk away all color and
leave tints as pale as the moon.
Wildlife will be stilled,
though just for a moment
and some of the more strong-willed
shall show their faces
and as much as they love this place,
they'll move on,
singing and love in their own
special way,
leaving memories after they're gone.
Then Spring will wrap
its beautiful arms around winter's
stout self and melt the ice
and snow, and produce flowers ripe
for the picking
while we embrace a new year,
to memories and resolves
for another stepping stone has been met.
Not alone, we travel on our way,
with new thoughts and choices each day.
The Summer will laugh
its merry, hot way back into the world
and leave things dry and still.
Life will move on,
and no matter how many things we get wrong,
there's always more to sing,
always one more song.
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