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A true ghost story of my family
      There was a family called the Craig family. They were very normal people and they never caused trouble for anyone.After a flood in their old house the Craig's were forced to move to a small town and live in a small trailer. The family heard stories of the property they were living on.  The stories that were told of the property were stories of disaster.
      The people who sold it to the Craig's said that the last people who lived here were killed in a house fire, and the family before that were killed by a tornado.
    Well, of course the family didn't believe in such things. So they went on ignoring the stories, until one night when they were all asleep. It happened on an unusually dark and very quiet night when all the lights were out. The dad of the family heard a strange noise coming from outside.
    He went outside to go investigate. He was shocked to see two black horses outside in the field across the street. Nobody else live on the street except for the Craig family the few neighbors down the street.
    None of them had any horses. So the dad which his name was Frank, went out further in the front lawn and got a closer look at the horses. They were dragging what seemed to be a chain from an ancient carriage.
    Frank started get closer until one of the horses turned around. Frank gasped in horror as he stared into the red eyes of a ghost of a horse. He could see right through it. Frank turned around to run in the house. When he got into the house he got a flashlight and sat in the living room waiting for daylight.
    When daylight finally crept into the darkened house, the battery of the flashlight went dead. He went outside and found the chain from the horses on a tree in his front yard and he still has the chain in his garage hanging by his tools. He believes in ghosts now and he always will.
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