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This might be a little bit weird in a way
Chapter One
      A woman of about twenty was standing in the middle of a room. She was surrounded with boxes filled with clothes. She was a tall woman with long blonde hair and sparkling sea green eyes". Dustin, this place is so beautiful, I absolutely love it".
    " I knew you would love it, I've been searching for a place like this for a year now".
    " Have you decided where our wedding is going to be, honey?", She asked.
    " No, I'm not quite sure whether it should be in the church or in my mom's back yard".
    " Well, you should better figure out quickly, because the wedding is only three months away".
    " I know, I know, I just don't want to hurt my mother's feelings by telling her that I want to have the wedding in the church".
    " I'm sure she'll understand sweety, I wouldn't care if the wedding was in the church or in your mother's back yard, just as long as we get married is all".
    " I guess I'll just tell her that we're having the wedding in the church".
    " That's a very good idea, I wanted it in a church anyway".

Chapter Two
    A woman is standing in front of a man in the kitchen. She looks really furious at the man sitting at the table eating dinner.
    " Why do you ruin everything for me Max?!, " " Do you have any idea how long I've been working on that story you just threw away!"
    She storms up to Max and starts sobbing uncontrollably. Max tries to hold her, but she quickly backs away from his grip.
    " I've told you a million times that I'm sorry, I didn't know it was important, honest". She looks at him with such hatred that he backs away so abruptly that he spills his coffee all over himself. " I thought it was just some kind of junk mail they send to get your hopes up, honey please forgive me".
    " I've had enough with your screw ups Max and I want you to get your things and get out before I call the police".
    " But baby, I truly am sorry, please don't do this, please". Elizabeth walks up to Max and slaps him across the face so hard, blood starts oozing out of his nose instantly.
    " Don't you ever call me baby again, get out!", " Don't even worry about your things, I'll make sure they're on the back porch waiting for you tomorrow." She gets really red in the face and looks as if she is about to explode. " Don't think about knock because soon as you do, I'm going to call the police!", " Now go!"
    Max sadly leaves while holding his nose and goes toward his friend shane's house.

Chapter Three

    Briana hears a knock on the door and quickly drags Max into the house and gives him an ice pack. " Did you get in a fight with one of your so called buddies again?"
    " No, it was Izzy, we're having alot of troubles lately.", " I just don't know what happened to us, we used to never fight but know its like hell in that house with her yelling at me all the time".
    " What started it this time?"
    " I threw away some mail of Izzy's thinking that it was junk mail to get her hopes up of being an author."," I felt really bad after finding out that it was for real. He sighs deeply before continuing. " " I really screwed up this time".
    " I'll have to have a talk with her later".
    " Where's Shane?"
    " He's at work, the boss put him on the night shift now".
    " He can never get a break can he?"
    " Nope, not since Travis was fired".
    " Well, I guess I'll be staying here tonight, if that's all right with you".
    " No problem, there's a guest room right down the hall there.", " Help yourself to anything, make yourself at home".

Chapter Four

    Kimi comes into the lot where there are a buch of boys playing basketball. She sits down on the bench watching her newest crush, Andrew.
    " Hey Kasey, would you give me your phone number, please?"
    "Sure, Andrew could I have yours too?"
    " No, I just kiddin, I don't want your number you skank". Kasey storms off to her house crying and pouting.
    " I wish Andrew would notice me and know I'm not someone like Kasey who has sex with the first guy that asks her to".
    " Hey you!"
    " Me?"
    " Do you know how to play?"
    " Yes, as a matter of fact, I do".
    " Well, could you stand in for one of my team members, she had to go home".
    " Sure, why not, I have nothing better to do".
    " whooooooowho!", " Look at that hottie boys, Andrews team oughta be easy to beat now".
    " All right, what's your name, my name's Andrew".
    " I'm Kimi".
    " Well, hello there Kimi, you sure are the hottest girl I've ever seen".
    " Uh?, thanks I guess?"
    " Okay, let's get to the game".
    " All right, let's play little lady," Lane says as her smacks her butt.
    " Lane, leave her alone and let's play."
    " All right, all right fine". It seems that Andrew's team is winning when all of a sudden, Lane grabs Kimi's breasts and starts to squeeze them. Kimi squirms and tries to break free.
    " Get your filthy hands off me you pervert!"
    " Oh, come on, you know you like it".
    " Get off jerk!"
    " Lane, I told you to leave her alone!"
    " All right! fine I'll leave her alone, my god, geez!"

Chapter Five

      "  Mom, I know how you wanted to have the wedding to be at your house, but we've decided to have it at the church".
    " That's all right Dusty, I understand, I'm kind of glad I don't have to decorate the back yard anyway".
    " Are you sure you don't mind?"
    " Yes, I'm sure".
    " Sorry, Cassidy".
    " Don't worry Crystal, I don't mind, I don't mind at all"., " I would rather you have it in a church anyway."
    " You can still decorate the church if you want to," said Crystal.
    " That would be really nice darling".

Chapter Six
    Shane just walks into his house and is shocked to Max asleep on the couch." What is Max doing here this late at night?"
    " He and Izzy had another fight".
    " They sure have alot of fights".
    " I know, I hope that never happens to us".    " I hope you never fight like that either, you might break my nose".
    " You have a joke for every situation, don't you Shane?"
    " Sure do".    " Well, I'm pretty tired".
    " Me to, let's get to bed". He yawns as gets up to go to their bedroom and nearly trips over his own feet because he is so tired.

Chapter Seven

    Kimi looks like she is about to fall over from fatigue. So she goes over to the bench and picks up her things.
    " Well, I better be getting home, my mom will worry if I stay out too late, see ya".
    " See ya, maybe we'll play again sometime, bye". Kimi starts walking towards her house which is a great distance to walk, but she does it any how. She decided to take a short cut into a dark alley that smelled of mildew and decaying garbage, When she hears a noise coming from behind her. She turns around to see who is there and she sees a figure in the dark corner of the alley.
    " Who's there?"
    " Your worst nightmare".
    " Andrew is that you?"
    " No, you skank, it's me, Lane." He comes out of the dark corner and walks toward Kimi. Kimi turns around and starts running, but Lane is faster than her and he blocks her way". Where do you think you're going little lady?"
    " Leave me alone Lane".
    " No, I don't think I will this time." Lane forces Kimi against a wall. There he starts to feel all over her until he reaches her shorts. He unbuttons them and pulls them off along with her panties.
    " Get off me!" Kimi stuggles but Lane just keeps making her head his the wall. Lane takes off his pants and boxers and drags her to the ground. He forces himself inside her.
    " Ow, stop it, you're hurting me stop!" Tears well up in her eyes, but Lane doesn't care. Kimi struggles, but she finally gives up because she has no strength left and everything goes black. She wakes up to find that she is completely naked. She finds her clothes and puts them back on and starts running towards her house.
    When she gets there her mother is talking to the police. Her mother looks her over and starts to cry.
    " What happened to you, you're all bruised up".
    " I don't like talking about mom, in fact I don't feel like talking ever again". Kimi runs up to her bedroom and slams the door shut. She sits on her bed and suddenly starts to cry into her pillow.

Chapter Eight

    " Crystal, do you think mom was really happy about our plan".
    " I actually think she was".
    " Me too, which is strange, I would have thought she would be disappointed".
    " Maybe she was happy that she didn't have to pay all that money to have at her house".," It's all right Dustin, she just wants us to be happy honey, don't worry about a thing.

  Briana stands outside Izzy's house waiting for her to answer the door. When Izzy finally opens the door she is surprised to see Briana and Max standing on the porch". Izzy, I want to talk to you about something and I want to talk right now, okay".
    " Yes, all right I'll talk, but only to you not Max".
    " That's a deal.", " Max, you stay here for right now". Briana comes into the house and they both sit at the kitchen table.
    " Briana, I just don't know what to anymore".
    " Why don't you forgive him Izzy, he loves you don't you see that?"
    " Yes, but I really wanted that book to be published. It was so inportant to me Briana".," If only you knew".
    " I really wish I knew what you're going through so I could give you better advice, but i don't so just take this advice".," If you love him Izzy, don't get mad at him for throwing away your mail, that is just stupid to do that even if it was important".," He didn't do it on purpose".
    "All right, I guess I can give him another chance, but if he does something really, really bad, you won't be able to talk me into loving him again next time"., "Come on in, Max".
    " Are you still mad at me?"
    " No, not anymore, I was stupid to be mad in the first place".
    " Well, it was your dream to become an author and I just threw that away, I'm really sorry".
    " That's okay Max, they sent me another one and it said that they weren't impressed with my story".
    " oh, I'm sorry honey".," Are you okay?"
    " Yes, I'm fine, especially now that you're here".

Chapter Nine

    Isabella rushes into her daughter's room wraps her arms around her tightly.
" What happened sweety?"
    " I was raped mom, by this boy I was playing against in basketball. His name is Lane".
  Her mother is stunned. She looks her daughter straight in the face and hold her closer and strokes her hair. Her mother talks to the police about what had happened to Kimi. The police then asks Kimi questions about Lane. They ask her where the rape took place and where Lane likes to hang out.
    They picked Lane up from the basketball court. He was found guilty for his crimes and was sentenced twenty years in prison. Kimi and her mother moved to a state far away from where Lane was kept. They tried to start over and forget what had happened, but of course they could not do so.

Chapter Ten

    Dustin and Crystal were finally married and they had two children together, a boy and a girl named Justin and Marie. Briana and Shane finally tie the knot in Las Vegas and they had three children. Two girls and one boy named Jessica, Sandra, and Shane Jr.. Izzy and Max decided to call it quits once and for all. Max has a wife and they had one child, a boy named Samuel. As for Elizabeth, she still hasn't found the right man yet.




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