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by Creech
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The code of Chivlary and How it Applies to King Academy
Applying the Code of Chivalry to Our School

by Andrew Creech
         Chivalry is commonly known as the code of conduct that was followed by Knights in the Middle-Ages.  It was called for several things.  They included be “Brave in Battle”, “Fight Fairly”, “Keep Promises”, “Defend the Church”, and “Treat Women of Noble Birth in a Courteous Manner.”
         Chivalry applies, or should apply in our school and everyday lives.  The code is something that any moral person should be able to follow with ease.  The first is “To Be Brave in Battle.”  Since we do not go to war or have battles, this is not an issue, but students should know when to be brave and stand up for themselves.
         The second is “Fight Fairly.”  While physical fighting is not common, it does happen occasionally.  When it does, it is usually because someone younger or weaker decided to stand up to someone older or stronger.  Usually the older or stronger person should stop before it results in a fight.  But sometimes the younger person may say something inappropriate about the older person s sister or mother.  That is unacceptable for anyone to say.
         The third is “Keep Promises.”  Everyone should be trustworthy.  If you are not able to keep your promises, people will not trust your word.  For example, if you are trustworthy, and one day you forget your notebook, you can just tell the teacher, and usually they will let you bring it the next day.  But, if you have proven yourself untrustworthy, the teacher will assume that you did not bother to do it, and give you a zero.
         A part of “Keeping Promises” is being honest in school.  This includes cheating on tests.  That shows that you are not capable of doing well and feel as if you have to cheat to do well.  Also, students should not plagiarize on papers.  This is dishonest and stupid.  What if you get caught?  You get an automatic zero.  Think also about your fellow classmates you wrote their papers themselves, they probably with not appreciate the fact that you cheated and did better than them.
         The forth is to “Defend the Church.”  Most people are timid when it comes to their faith.  They are afraid to let people know what they think.  They are OK with people who do not view the church or God as important or holy.  These people are basically Satin-Worshippers.  As harsh as that sounds, it is true.  Anybody who rejects God should be excluded from people who may be weak in faith and likely to stray until they find God with the help of a person strong in faith.  It is pathetic for a Christian School to have such unchristian morals as our school does.  This is also visible by looking at the way that the final point of Chivalry is neglected.
         The final point of Chivalry is to “Respect Women of Noble Birth with Respect.”  We do not have noble blood anymore - the whole concept was just a way for people to not have to give up their power in the middle ages - so we should treat all women and girls with respect.  The problem is that most boys were not raised to respect girls.  They were told that it is good to take advantage of them, be stronger than them, bigger, and be able to beat them in basketball practice scrimmages.  All of that is wrong.  The Bible and the Code of Chivalry tell us that we are supposed to be gentle with them.
         Another problem is that girls do not act like they want respect.  They let boys treat them like total trash.  It is awful how our students and faculty treat them.
         In general, people at our school have no Chivalry.  They do not want to be the way we are supposed to be.  If everyone followed the Code of Chivalry, there would be no need for a discipline system.  But obviously, we will never have any respect or Chivalry if you do not get very much better.
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