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These are links to my sonnets present in various folders.
The list of sonnets below is in the chronological order of their creation. The title is followed by the link, date and brief introduction.

The year-wise pattern is as follows:

2004-- 1
2005-- 26
2006-- 10
2007-- 26
2008 -- 26
2009---11 as on 10 April 2009

M C Gupta
29 March 2007



THE FINAL MOMENT: a sonnet, "THE FINAL MOMENT—a sonnet, 31 Dec. 2004
[The first ever sonnet written by me! The title says it all.]


GOD'S WAYS: a sonnet on tsunami, "GOD’S WAYS:tsunami-sonnet, winner , 3 Jan 2005
[God's ways are not known to man. We may fail in our logic, but never in our faith.]

SUICIDE: a sonnet, "ABOUT SUICIDE—a sonnet, 4 Jan 2005
[Who determines the final moment--He or man?]

NEW YEAR WISH: an unusual sonnet, "NEW YEAR WISH: a sonnet--Editor's choice, 4 Jan 2005
[Why I do not send happy New Year wishes!]

MESSENGER: a sonnet,"MESSENGER—a sonnet, 6 Jan 2005
[ Message from a hesitant lover]

WHAT IS POETRY?--a sonnet: "WHAT IS POETRY?—a sonnet, 13 February, 2005
[Poetry is that soothes the heart]

BECKONING: a sonnet, "BECKONING—a sonnet, 23 March 2005
[Beckoned by both Love and Death!]

WATER DROP: a sonnet, "WATER DROP: a sonnet--award winner, 28 March 2005
[On the grave water scarcity in many parts of the Indian state of Rajasthan]

I CANNOT RETREAT: a sonnet, "I CANNOT RETREAT—a sonnet, 9 April 2005
[Expression of true love]

ONLY FOOLS LIKE ME: a sonnet, "ONLY FOOLS LIKE ME—a sonnet, 10 April 2005
[It is foolish to be distracted from the righteous path in the face of ridicule]

HALF GLASS SYNDROME: a sonnet,"HALF GLASS SYNDROME—a sonnet, 26 April 2005
[Learn positive thinking. Count your blessings, not your sorrows.]

TURN OF FATE: a sonnet, "TURN OF FATE—a sonnet, 24 May 2005
[Happiness is a state of mind, often independent of externalities.]

SACRIFICE FOR HIM: a sonnet, "SACRIFICE FOR HIMa sonnet, 30 June 2005

ALLAH OR CHRIST?--a sonnet, "Invalid Entry, 18 July 2005

NEXT MOMENT: a sonnet, "NEXT MOMENT: a sonnet, 4 September 2005

MONEY WORSHIP: a sonnet, "MONEY WORSHIP: a sonnet, 24 September 2005

LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES: a sonnet, "LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES: a sonnet, 24 September 2005

DESTINATION: a sonnet, "DESTINATION: a sonnet, 24 September 2005

GODLY MANIFESTATION: a sonnet, "GODLY MANIFESTATION: a sonnet, 5 October 2005
[Never give up faith. True faith is truly answered.]

ONE SIDED LOVE: a sonnet, "ONE SIDED LOVE: a sonnet--Editor's pick, 5 October 2005
[What happens when the lover is too shy]

MEETING IN HEAVEN: a sonnet, "MEETING IN HEAVEN: a sonnet, 20 October 2005

WHEN MY TURN COMES: a sonnet-, "WHEN MY TURN COMES: a sonnet, 21 October 2005

WHEN I SAY FINAL GOODBYE: a sonnet, "WHEN I SAY FINAL GOODBYE: a sonnet, 21 October 2005

THE IMAGE OF WOMAN: a sonnet, "Invalid Entry, 21 October 2005

LIVE IN THE PRESENT: a sonnet, "LIVE IN THE PRESENT: a sonnet, 25 October 2005

WILMA, RITA, KATRINA: a sonnet, "WILMA, RITA, KATRINA: a sonnet 26 October 2005

HALLOWEEN: a sonnet, "HALLOWEEN: a sonnet (Editor’s choice), 26 October 2005
[The departed spirits visit us on this day.]


THE CRICKET OF LIFE: a sonnet, "THE CRICKET OF LIFE: a sonnet, 8 January 2006

THE FINAL DAY: a sonnet, "THE FINAL DAY: a sonnet, 10 January 2006

TEMPERANCE: a sonnet, "TEMPERANCE: a sonnet, 17 January 2006

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: a sonnet, "FREEDOM OF SPEECH: a sonnet, 18 January 2006

WINTERS OF LIFE: a sonnet, "Invalid Entry, 21 January 2006

MAKE IT HAPPEN: a sonnet--"MAKE IT HAPPEN: a sonnet, 26 February 2006

I SHED A TEAR: a sonnet-- award winner--"I SHED A TEAR: a sonnet-- award winner, 13 September 2006
[Shedding a tear for humanity]

DON'T MAKE ME A WOMAN: a sonnet--Merit badge winner. "DON’T MAKE ME A WOMAN: a sonnet. 19 October 2006
[Feelings of many women in a male dominated world.]

SLIPPING LOVE: a sonnet—"SLIPPING LOVE: a sonnet, 27 October 2006
[Trying to hold back love that is slipping away.]

SEND ME TO HELL: a sonnet, "SEND ME TO HELL: a sonnet, 29 October 2006

FAMILY OR LIVE IN?-- a sonnet, "Invalid Entry, 10 November 2006


A FLICKER OF LIGHT: a sonnet--award winner--"A FLICKER OF LIGHT:sonnet--award winner 9 March 2007
[As I grope and falter in darkness, He shows me light and holds my hand]

BLUE SKY AND DARK SHADOWS: a sonnet--award winner. "BLUE SKY AND DARK SHADOWS:sonnet— winner
9 March 2007
[Memories of the past, retained by one of the lovers]

DON'T HOLD BACK: a sonnet---- "DONT HOLD BACK: a sonnet, 10 March 2007

TENDER FEELINGS: a sonnet, "Invalid Entry, 21 March 2007

A SONG I ONCE SANG: a sonnet--Award winner. "A SONG I ONCE SANG:sonnet—Winner, 22 March 2007
[A song sung once, that can't be sung again]

AN ODE TO LAUGHTER: a sonnet--award winner. "AN ODE TO LAUGHTER: a sonnet--winner, 3 April 2007
[There is much to laughter. There is scientific proof that it peps both mind and body.]

CHILDHOOD MEMORIES: a sonnet--award winner. "CHILDHOOD MEMORIES: sonnet--Award Winner, 7 April 2007
[A bizarre memory of my early school days]

A SONG I ONCE SANG: a sonnet,
ID #496996 entered on 04-25-07

BIRTHDAY THOUGHTS: a sonnet, "BIRTHDAY THOUGHTS: a sonnet-award winner, 6 May 2007
[A birthday does not bring much of a cheer to an old man.]

[The old are slow but sharp]

A BEAUTIFUL FACE: a sonnet, "A BEAUTIFUL FACE: a sonnet, 17 May 2007
[Beauty is skin deep]

[Praying to the Lord for strength and peace]

SUMMERS AND WINTERS: a sonnet--award winner, "SUMMERS AND WINTERS: a sonnet---winner, 25 May 2007
[Winters in the winter of life are harder than in the summer.]

LIVE EACH DAY: a sonnet, "LIVE EACH DAY: a sonnet--award winner, 4 June 2007
[Begin each day afresh, with new hope and faith]

EMPTY MASK: a sonnet, "EMPTY MASK: a sonnet, 23 June 2007
[All of us wear a mask all the time. Why not discard it?]

FANCY DRESS PARTY: a sonnet, "FANCY DRESS PARTY: a sonnet, 23 June 2007
[The gulf between the haves and the have nots]

A BEE IN HIS BONNET: a sonnet, "A BEE IN HIS BONNET: a sonnet, 14 July 2007
[About oneself, looking back]

[When friends turn foes and all is dark............]

FAMILY TIES: a sonnet, "FAMILY TIES: a sonnet, 10 November 2007
[It is the family that sustains and maintains an identity.]

HEALTHY DIET: a sonnet--award winner, "HEALTHY DIET: a sonnet--Award Winner, 10 November 2007
[What is natural is healthy.]

THE ROAD OF LIFE: a sonnet--Editor's choice, "THE ROAD OF LIFE: a sonnet—Editor’s pick, 10 November 2007
[The road of life must be traversed, though hard it be.]

MAKING WAY FOR THE YOUNG: a sonnet--"MAKING WAY FOR THE YOUNG: a sonnet, 3 December 2007
[It is true that the old have to make way for the young.]

WHEN IT MATTERED: a sonnet--"WHEN IT MATTERED: a sonnet, 3 December 2007
[A time comes when things cease to matter.]

FRUITS OF DECEIT: a sonnet--"FRUITS OF DECEIT: a sonnet 5 December 2007
[The web of deceit engulfs the one who deceives]

HE MADE MAN IN HIS IMAGE: a sonnet--"HE MADE MAN IN HIS IMAGE: a sonnet , 24 December 2007
[If that be so, why despise men?]

[My response to New Year wishes]

EMPTY CUP: a sonnet--"EMPTY CUP: a sonnet, 30 December 2007
[When life's cup is empty, it can't be filled.]


DON'T BLAME THE FATE: a sonnet--"DON'T BLAME THE FATE: a sonnet, 10 January 2008
[What is within our power is to do good. Fate will take care of itself.]

DO GOOD AND BE BLESSED: a sonnet--"DO GOOD AND BE BLESSED: a sonnet, 11 January 2008

24 January 2008

THE DOG, THE FROG AND THE THIEF: a sonnet--award winner. "THE DOG, FROG AND THIEF:a sonnet--winner,
February 2008
[A funny sonnet for children.]

DARKEST NIGHT: a sonnet--award winner. "DARKEST NIGHT: a sonnet--award winner , 8 March 2008
[Thoughts about the night of death.]

LAKESIDE DREAMS: a sonnet-- "LAKESIDE DREAMS: a sonnet 9 March 2008
[Memories of shattered dreams]

IF I TREMBLE: a sonnet.......--"IF I TREMBLE....: a sonnet , 19 March 2008
[Lord, if I tremble, pick me up.]

DON'T BE ATTACHED: a sonnet--"DON'T BE ATTACHED: a sonnet 31 March 2008
[We will quit this world one day. Why be attached to it?]

A WOMAN SCORNED: a sonnet--"A WOMAN SCORNED: a sonnet, 3 April 2008
[Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned.]

A PATH TO YOU: a sonnet—"A PATH TO YOU: a sonnet , 18 April 2008
[I must give up my path. Help me along the new one,Yours.]

LIFE IS NOT DARK: a sonnet—Editor’s choice, "LIFE IS NOT DARK: a sonnet--Editor's pic, 7 June 2008
[Don’t despair, have a heart. Aft tonight, new day will start.]

THE PATH OF PEACE: a sonnet-- "THE PATH OF PEACE: a sonnet , 24 June 2008
[Anger is like an acid that corrodes the vessel in which it is kept.]

FALSE MAKE UP: a sonnet—"FALSE MAKE UP: a sonnet, 11 July 2008
[What would be a rose without its thorns? It’s better to be natural.]

TURNING FORTY OR EIGHTY: a sonnet -- "TURNING FORTY OR EIGHTY: a sonnet , 20 July 2008
[What matters is how we live life, not how long we live it.]

IMPOSTER: a sonnet—award winner. "IMPOSTER: a sonnet--award winner, 22 August 2008
[Treachery in love.]

STARLESS NIGHTS: a sonnet—award winner. "STARLESS NIGHTS:sonnet, bilingual winner , 24 August 2008
[When nights are dark, it’s the inner light you ask.]

BIPOLAR LOVE: a sonnet—{itern:1465997} , 24 August 2008
[Love among opposites.]

PARENTS LIKE FOES: a sonnet—"PARENTS OR FOES?-- a sonnet , 24 August 2008
[Children should be allowed independence.]

DREAMER’S WEB: a sonnet—"DREAMER’S WEB: a sonnet , 31 August 2008
[The poet, the eternal dreamer dreams, though bleak the future seems.]

GOODBYE: a sonnet—"GOODBYE: a sonnet , 31 August 2008
[The sonnet of final goodbye.]

THE BEREAVED: a sonnet—"THE BEREAVED—a sonnet , 2 September 2008
[The grief of one bereaved is tended best in loneliness.]

A STUDENT PICKS A GUN: a sonnet—Editor’s pick, "A STUDENT PICKS A GUN: a sonnet--Ed-pick , 5 September 2008
[About the increasing incidences of campus shootings inUSA.]

ONLY MYSELF TO BLAME: a sonnet— "ONLY MYSELF TO BLAME: a sonnet , 9 September 2008
[I squandered what I had and spurned the poor. Now that I am spurned, why blame others?]

CHIDREN PLAYING: a sonnet –"CHIDREN PLAYING: a sonnet , 11 October 2008
[Watching children at play.]

WORK AND PLAY: a sonnet –"WORK AND PLAY: a sonnet --award winner , 12 October 2008
[The importance of play for children.]

WISHING NEW YEAR: a sonnet—" WISHING NEW YEAR: a sonnet , 25 December 2008
[Wishes for 2009, as shadows seem to be darkening.]

WHAT FIRE CAN WARM A HEART: a sonnet—award winner. "WHAT FIRE CAN WARM A HEART:sonnet-winner, 20 February 2009
[One must not be daunted by adversity. Both joys and sorrows are a part of life.]

TRYING TO WAKE UP THE AWAKE: a sonnet — "TRYING TO WAKE UP THE AWAKE: a sonnet , 12 March 2009
[The ignorant can be taught, not the men of learning.]

BARTERING WISDOM: a sonnet—"BARTERING WISDOM: a sonnet, 15 March 2009
[Some march ahead where angels fear to tread…..]

THE PAIN: a sonnet – "THE PAIN: a sonnet , 21 March 2009
[A supplication to the Lord to ease the pain and light the heart.]

SHADOWS: a sonnet – "SHADOWS: a sonnet--award winner , 29 March 2009
[Shadows of gloom, haunted by memories.]

WHEN WOMEN MASQUERADE: a sonnet—"WHEN WOMEN MASQUERADE: a sonnet, 2 April 2009
[Women masquerading as men degrade womanhood.]

BETTER YIELD TO FOOLS: a sonnet—"BETTER YIELD TO FOOLS: a sonnet, 4 April 2009
[When ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise.]

WORDS MEAN AND CAN BE MEAN: a sonnet—"WORDS MEAN AND CAN BE MEAN: a sonnet, 5 April 2009
[Choose your words carefully.]

INTELLIGENT FOOLS: a sonnet –{item:1547766 }, 8 April 2009
[Some fools have a high IQ.]

POLLUTED WORDS: a sonnet—"POLLUTED WORDS: a sonnet, 8 April 2009
[When the young pollute, the old quit.]

FREE THINKERS: a sonnet—"FREE THINKERS: a sonnet, 9 April 2009
[There are some who are prisoners of their own biased, ’free’ beliefs.]

MANLY V. WOMANLY: a sonnet—"MANLY V. WOMANLY: a sonnet, 9 April 2009
[A satire upon those prone to say: “Come on, fight like a man.”]

MEN V. HORSES: a sonnet—"MEN V. HORSES: a sonnet, 11 April 2009
[Ways in which men are similar to horses.]
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